Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 866

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Chapter 866: Seventh spiritual level versus eighth spiritual level (Part 2)

“Kid, you’re forcing us.”  The people looked at Hei Feng Tian Zong with unkind eyes.

“If you have the strength, you can give it a try.”  Hei Sha said slowly as she released her pressure.


The four took a step back at the same time as their faces were covered in shock.

So strong!

It wasn’t inferior to Chu Tian Che’s pressure!

“It’s not good to fight, everyone might become good brothers in the future.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked over them with his small eyes.  His spiritual energy was slowly churning, prepared to fight at any time.


In the forest.

Both Ye Yu Xi and Chu Tian Che looked a bit sorry.

Their eyes were sparkling with excitement.  After such a long time, they hadn’t met such a strong opponent!


Ye Yu Xi’s Soul Devourer Blade clashed with the sword in Chu Tian Che’s hand.

Hong, hong, hong.

Ye Yu Xi’s hand was covered in flames as it slammed onto Chu Tian Che’s shoulder.


Chu Tian Che was sent flying back over ten meters as he looked at Ye Yu Xi in shock, “Strange Flame.”

This terrifying temperature, it definitely wasn’t a Beast Flame!

Chu Tian Che’s blade was covered in a blue flame, it was the Beast Flame he swallowed.  For the first time, Chu Tian Che felt that his Beast Flame was this small!

“You’re very strong.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Chu Tian Che.

“It seems like I have to take out some real skills.”  Chu Tian Che’s face didn’t have any fear at all.  His blade went back into his ring as the blue flame began to spread over his arms.


Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes.  This was the Flame Control Art?

Ye Yu Xi watched as the flames around Chu TIan Che changed, it was very similar to the Flame Control Art that Long Xiao Pang had told her about before.

Hong, hong, hong.

Chu Tian Che’s flames slowly stabilized.  He was completely covered in flames, with the flames around his arms being especially thick.


With an explosion, Chu Tian Che charged out at Ye Yu Xi covered in flames.

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes.  So fast, it was completely different from before.


Ye Yu Xi moved back, but Chu Tian Che kept approaching her.


Ye Yu Xi kicked off a tree and charged at Chu Tian Che.  Since she couldn’t dodge, she wouldn’t dodge!


The purple and blue flames collided.

For a while, neither side backed down.  There was no weakness to that blue Beast Flame, showing the use of the Flame Control Art.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold as she suddenly opened her lips.


The sound wave spiritual technique, Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space!

The mountain shaking roar came from Ye Yu Xi’s mouth.

Chu Tian Che who was close to Ye Yu Xi felt his ears buzz and his eyes blur, as his brain lost all thought.


A place that was a thousand meters away.

Chu Tian Che’s subordinates were about to attack Hei Feng Tian Zong’s group when this roar filled the air.

The faces of the six all changed.


Hei Sha quickly put a hand on Hei Feng Tian Zong’s back and used her spiritual energy to protect him.

Roar, roar, roar.

The sound echoed around the mountain and superimposed.

After more than ten seconds, the roaring gradually disappeared.

Hei Feng Tian Zong and the others were all dizzy.

“Young miss?”  Hei Sha who woke up first sent Ye Yu Xi a message.

After several seconds.

“I’m fine.”  There was a bit of weakness in Ye Yu Xi’s voice.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Chu Tian Che who seemed a bit lost, the outcome had been decided.  She tossed a pill into her mouth to recover her spiritual energy.

After half a minute, Chu Tian Che’s eyes gradually cleared.

Looking at Ye Yu Xi standing not far away, Chu Tian Che gave a sigh, “You won.”


Ye Yu Xi raised a hand and several things flew towards Chu Tian Che.

Chu Tian Che looked at the things in his hand and looked at Ye Yu Xi with a strange gaze, “This is……”

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