Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 867

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Chapter 867: Seventh spiritual level versus eighth spiritual level (Part 3)

“I’ve plundered the older students, they either have more or less, it should have some influence on you.”  Ye Yu Xi slowly took back her aura.

Chu Tian Che looked at the five Space Rings in his hand and he sent his spiritual energy in.  There was a slight moved look on his face, “You’re giving them all to me?”

These five Space Rings, each one had several hundred cubic meters!  The key thing was that every single one was filled!

The things inside were equal to over a hundred million gold coins.

“These things should be enough for you to take first place.”

Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s indifferent look, “Chu Tian Che revealed a grin, “You’re not afraid of me going back on my promise after taking these things?”

“Doubtful people are useless and there’s no need to doubt useful people.  I trust you as a person and what I care about now is how much rallying power you have among the older students.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

Rallying power……

Chu Tian Che thought of his hundreds of brothers, now there were only twenty to thirty of them that would blindly follow him.

“When are you planning to create a guild?”  Chu Tian Che looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“After school starts.”  Ye Yu Xi heard the message Hei Feng Tian Zong sent and slightly knit her brows, “Your brothers are here.”

“Go.”  Chu Tian Che stretched his neck before putting the rings away.


Hei Feng Tian Zong had one hand on the ground and not far away from him, the older students were holding their weapons.

“This kid’s cultivation technique is strange, everyone be careful.”  An older student said in a low voice.

One of them had a fierce look on his face, “I’ll hold them, you guys charge in and help big brother Chu.”

These older students had been with Chu Tian Che for a year, so they understood him well.  That roar just now definitely wasn’t Chu Tian Che’s spiritual technique!

“Yu Qi, Kang Yong, I’m fine.”

Chu Tian Che’s voice sounded from the trees.

“Big brother Chu?!”

The faces of the four older students relaxed as their serious expression disappeared.

“Master.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong saw Ye Yu Xi and Chu Tian Che walking over together and knew this matter was over.

“Big brother Chu, are you alright?”  Yu Qi looked over Chu Tian Che.  His clothes were a bit messy, but he wasn’t injured at all.

Chu Tian Che shook his head.

Ye Yu Xi took two steps forward, “Senior Chu, we won’t bother you anymore.  We’ll talk about the matter we agreed on after returning to the school.”

“Alright.”  Chu Tian Che nodded.  He wanted to tell Ye Yu Xi’s group the safest path, but thinking about Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation, he knew there was no need.

It was already good if Ye Yu Xi’s group didn’t steal from the seniors.

Yu Qi, Kang Yong, and the others watched as Ye Yu Xi’s group left.

“Big brother Chu, those fluctuations just now……”

“Don’t talk about what happened today.”  Chu Tian Che’s voice suddenly became serious.

The four nodded.

Chu Tian Che thought about the five rings and thought for a bit before deciding to hide them.  Although the four of them were his brothers, they were rather talkative.  If they revealed this matter, Ye Yu Xi would be in danger.

Once this was known, Ye Yu Xi’s guild would become the targets of the older guilds!

“Big brother Chu, what do we do now?”  Kang Yong on the side asked.

“We’re going back to the school and gathering people.”  A fierce look appeared in Chu Tian Che’s eyes.

The four of them were stunned as they looked at each other.  There was a look of pleasant surprise that gradually appeared in their eyes.

“Big brother Chu, you mean our Thousand Pain Hall……”

Chu Tian Che nodded, “The Thousand Pain Hall will not easily fall!”

Chu Tian Che looked in the direction Ye Yu Xi left in.  Ye Yu Xi’s strength allowed Chu Tian Che to see hope, hope that they could overthrow the five great guilds!

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