Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Mysterious Spirit Beast (Part 2)

The fatty was shocked as he looked at the other side with a surprised gaze, “Really?”

The Blood Wolf’s big brother nodded.  Remembering the scene in the mountain range, his eyes revealed a deep fear.

The fatty returned to Ye Yu Xi’s table with a serious expression.

“Fatty, what did they say?”  Qing’er saw the fatty’s serious expression and was very curious.

Ye Yu Xi saw the fatty’s ugly expression and said in a soft voice, “There is danger in the mountain range?”The fatty drank a mouthful of tea and said in a small voice, “They said they received a mission from the Spiritualist Guild to kill Purple Thunder Monkeys, but this quest’s reward was very high, ten times higher than normal.  Many mercenary groups were moved by this, but not a single one succeeded. The injuries they suffered were caused by a mysterious spirit beasts they encountered while looking for Purple Thunder Monkeys.”

“Mysterious spirit beasts?”

“Un, they don’t even know what it looks like, it’s speed was very fast.”

“Then did they find the Purple Thunder Monkeys?”  Ye Yu Xi softly held the chopsticks in her hand and pondered something.

The fatty shook his head and sat at the table for a brief period of silence.

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes.  It seems their cultivation trip into the Heaven Mountain Range wouldn’t be too lonely!

Eating a few things, their group left the restaurant and headed into the Heaven Mountain Range not far away.

When they approached the Heaven Mountain Range, a strong natural aura could be felt.  Perhaps it was because this was the edge and there were usually human activities here, so the air was filled with the rotting scent of dead leaves and corpses.

A cool forest wind blew and this clear air made everyone feel refreshed.

There was an official road into the Heaven Mountain Range.  This official road was made over a thousand years ago, so it was relatively safe, but there were a few cases where spirit beasts harmed people.

But at the same time, safety also meant that it was very hard to encounter precious spirit beasts or herbs near the official road.

So unless they were in a rush, mercenary groups did not take the official road.  Ye Yu Xi’s group was the same, walking a short distance and directly entering the forest.

They walked in the forest for a while.  At the beginning there were a few small roads to walk on, left behind by those mercenary groups.  After a while, there was only towering trees and plants, and the occasional sound of an insert or bird, or the roar  of a beast.

The fatty had a straw hat as he opened the road in front of them.  The ice cold blade in his hand kept moving back and forth, cutting the tree vines and plants.

“Fatty, what are you wearing the straw hat for!”  Qing’er followed behind the fatty. Seeing the fatty’s strange appearance, she was very curious.

The fatty turned around and revealed a smile, “You don’t know about this.”  Pretending to be mysterious, “There are many trees here and if a bird in the tree poops, bringing a hat can block it.  This fat master is being thoughtful.”

“Che!  What being thoughtful.  Perhaps there will be a gust of wind that will blow you away.”  Qing’er thought that it had a special use, but she couldn’t help rolling her eyes after hearing what the fatty said.  She soon began to tease the fatty.

The fatty looked at Qing’er in an uncaring way and his small slit eyes turned into circles, “This fat master comes from a line of thieves.  Wanting me to take out what I stole, eh, other than the boss, if anyone else wants my things, there isn’t even a chance!”

“Go and keep bragging!  One day your belly will explode from your bragging.”

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were walking at the back of the group.  Seeing the fatty and Qing’er arguing even louder, they knit their brows, “Be quiet you two and focus on your surroundings.  We’re almost in the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ territory.”

“Boss, isn’t it just Purple Thunder Monkeys?  I can catch one each time I grab out. As long as they dare come, I promise…..”

Hua la!

“Be careful!”

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