Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 833

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Chapter 833: Heavenly Word Rooms (Part 2)

Since then, everyone knew that the Heavenly Word Rooms couldn’t be taken!

There was only Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi left in the room.

“You’re not planning on looking for a room?”  Ye Yu Xi had her back to Bai Jin Yi.

After that, Bai Jin Yi softly took Ye Yu Xi’s waist and buried half his face in her hair, “Today is the final night, I can’t leave even if I wanted to.”

It was rare for Ye Yu Xi to not say anything and not reprimand Bai Jin Yi, she just let Bai Jin Yi softly hold her by the waist.

The room was very clean and the sheets were all new, so there was no need to clean up.

The four came out and turned the plates on the door.  The back of the plates for the Heavenly Word Room had the word “occupied” on it.

That way if they had something to do and someone came, they would know that these rooms were occupied.

“Ai, ai, ai!  Look at them coming out.”

“That’s true, they probably wanted to show off since the Bai Family’s people weren’t here yet.”

Close to a hundred people watched as Ye Yu Xi’s group came down from the fourth floor.

“Miss Ye, is it really you?”  A person came in front of Ye Yu Xi’s group.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes focused and she was a bit surprised, “Xichen Luo Yu?”

The one in front of Ye Yu Xi’s group was one of the Ice Mist Country’s Ten Geniuses, Xichen Luo Yu!

They met Xichen Luo Yu in the underground market buying a cauldron, but they never thought that he would get into the Alchemist Academy.

Ye Yu Xi remembered what the teacher in charge of the new students said.  It seemed like Xichen Luo Yu was included in the seven from the Ice Mist Country.

“Miss Ye, did you just come from the fourth floor?”  Xichen Luo Yu felt everyone’s gaze and his tone became serious.

Ye Yu Xi nodded, this wasn’t anything worth hiding.

“Miss Ye, this place isn’t convenient for talking, let’s go somewhere else.”

Xichen Luo Yu brought Ye Yu Xi’s group to his room.

“Miss Ye, those rooms are the Heavenly Word Rooms, you can’t live in them.”  Xichen Luo Yu closed the door and spoke in a serious voice.

“Un?  Why not?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi said that there wasn’t any problem before.

“Those rooms were left for the juniors of the large Central Plain forces, they will send people to the Alchemist Academy each year as new students.  The Heavenly Word Rooms are left for them each year and if outsiders live in them that is equal to challenging their authority!” Xichen Luo Yu said.

Ye Yu Xi raised a brow.  It seemed like……she had made an enemy and their backing wasn’t weak.

“This young master, it’s too late saying this now since we’ve already moved in.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong said.

“If young master Xichen has nothing else, we’ll be leaving first!”  Bai Jin Yi softly said from the side.

As for Xichen Luo Yu suddenly worrying about Ye Yu Xi, Bai Jin Yi disliked this very much!

With him here, would he let Luo Qing Chen suffer?

“Young master Xichen, we still have other matters.  We’ll see each other in the school later.” Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod to Xichen Luo Yu and turned to walked out with Bai Jin Yi.

“Miss Ye.”  Xichen Luo Yu called out to Ye Yu Xi at the door, “Ye Zhi Qiu, Yan Hao, and the others also passed the test.  During the new student test in two days, we should make a group. That way it’s easier for us to take care of each other.”

Xichen Luo Yu knew Ye Yu Xi’s strength.  With Ye Yu Xi, they might be able to get a good placement in this trial!

They also came?

Slightly surprise appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  She didn’t agree to Xichen Luo Yu’s request and replied, “We’ll see.  We still have other things to do, we won’t disrupt the young master.”

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