Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 831

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Chapter 831: If someone offends me….. (Part 3)

To have the new students compete before the school year even started, even intentionally creating grudges between students.  No matter who loses, they wouldn’t be willing to accept it. Which one of these geniuses didn’t grow up being spoiled by their ancestors?  Sleeping in the streets because they were weaker than others, who would be willing to accept this?

Ye Yu Xi could imagine that the people who slept in the square today would be the ones who cultivated the most wildly once school started.  Losing face here was losing face for their entire family.

“The strong eats the weak, this is a fact that hasn’t changed since ancient times.  These geniuses are the pride of their family, but outside, it isn’t as easy as they imagine.”  Bai Jin Yi seemed to be used to this scene, so their words didn’t attract Bai Jin Yi’s interest.

Ye Yu Xi nodded before looking around.  There seemed to be people at every door, other than the top row.  There were half the rooms as the other three floors, but there were fewer people there than the other three floors.

“Master, let’s also pick a room.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong saw that there weren’t many rooms left and he felt anxious.

“Let’s go to the top floor.”  Ye Yu Xi pointed at the fourth floor.

Although Ye Yu Xi didn’t understand why so few people lived on the fourth floor, Ye Yu Xi didn’t care that much.  The rules of the Alchemist Academy allowed one to freely choose rooms.

Bai Jin Yi saw where Ye Yu Xi was pointing and he revealed a smile.  He had already long expected this result!

Ye Yu Xi’s actions attracted quite a few people’s eyes, especially people on the second and third floor.  After they saw where Ye Yu Xi was pointing, they looked at her with strange expressions.

There were quite a few people who starting discussing in a low voice.

“Who is that girl that just came in?  What is her strength?”

“I don’t know.  Based on her meaning, she probably wants to live on the Heavenly Word Floor.”

“Be quiet, there will be a good play soon.”

As everyone discussed, Ye Yu Xi ignored them.  She brought Hei Feng Tian Zong to the stairs and with everyone watching, they went to the fourth floor.

Peng, peng, peng!

Outside a room on the second floor, a maid anxiously knocked on the door.

“Princess?  Princess?” Si Luo called in a soft voice.

“Come in.”  Yuan Na’s impatient voice rang out.

In the not large room, Yuan Na was discussing something with Yi Qi.

“What is it?”  Yuan Na looked at the panicked Si Luo.

“Princess, I seemed to have seen that weapon refiner.”  Si Luo said.

“Weapon refiner?  What weapon refiner?”  Yuan Na hadn’t reacted yet.

“The one from Master Ge Lei’s manor, the one who refined the Spiritual Weapon.”

“Un?”  Yuan Na’s eyes filled with uncertainty.

“The one you’re talking about should be someone from Black Wind Town.”  Yi Qi on the side revealed faint smile.

Yuan Na looked at Yi Qi who suddenly revealed a smile, “Senior Yi Qi, what are you smiling at?”

“If it really is a weapon refiner, they wouldn’t come here.  Black Wind Town has an agreement with the academy and they can send someone here to cultivate each year.  They don’t need to take the new student exam and can directly enter the academy.” Yi Qi looked at Si Luo with a smile.

“Un?  There’s someone who doesn’t need to take the new student test?”  Princess Yuan Na revealed a look of surprise.

“Un.”  Yi Qi gave a certain nod, “Black Wind Town’s people are very special.  The status of a weapon refiner doesn’t lose to an alchemist to a certain extent, so the academy gives them special treatment.  So it is impossible to see a weapon refiner here.”

Hearing Yi Qi’s certain response, Yuan Na glared at Si Luo, “Scram.”

“Princess, I……”

“Get out!”  Yuan Na glared at her.

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