Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 792

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Chapter 792: Looking at the stars

“Engagement.”  Bai Jin Yi was silent for a bit before he softly spat out this word.

“Oh.”  Ye Yu Xi replied and didn’t ask anything else.

Bai Jin Yi looked down at Ye Yu Xi and felt that he didn’t understand this girl.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t say anything and Bai Jin Yi didn’t respond, just silently sitting beside Ye Yu Xi.

There were words in the bottom of Bai Jin Yi’s heart.  If he didn’t go back and dissolve his engagement, how could he marry Ye Yu Xi?  Or perhaps……if he stayed by Ye Yu Xi’s side, he would bring all kinds of trouble to her.

Ye Yu Xi looked into the vast starry sky and sometimes one or two stars would twinkle, looking very good.

Looking at the starry sky, Ye Yu Xi had a feeling that the vortex in her dantian was revolving faster.

The Starlight Body was reacting to the starry night?!  An idea formed in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

With a flash of light, Huo Ling slowly appeared in front of Ye Yu Xi.

“Master, when can we leave this place?”  Huo Ling’s voice was filled with disappointment.

This broken place, he couldn’t fly at all!

The first day they entered the desert, Huo Ling had flew around once.  In less than half an hour……Huo Ling was baked and dehydrated. When he returned to Ye Yu Xi’s side, he drank half a tub of water.

After that, Huo Ling didn’t casually fly around for fun.

“Tomorrow, we’ll be going to an oasis.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a soft voice.

“Good, I’ll come out again then.”  Huo Ling drilled back into the chaotic space.

Sha, sha, sha.

After Long Xiao Pang was satisfied with eating the last bite of lamb meat, he ran over to Ma Luo’s side.

“Little brother, the sandstorm you mentioned, is it true?”  Long Xiao Pang sucked his fingers.

“Un.”  Ma Luo nodded, “There are less Sand Gold mines, so we tried looking for other mines, but we couldn’t find any and met this sandstorm.”

“Tell me, what is this sandstorm like?  Does it occasionally start?” Long Xiao Pang kept asking in a low voice.

“No, we thought it was just an occasional storm at first.  The first time we met it, we retreated back to our village, but the sandstorm didn’t blow into our village.  When we went out again, the sandstorm was still there. After going three times, the sandstorm never left and never scattered, remaining there the entire time.”  Ma Luo thought about it while his eyes filled with confusion.

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes lit up!  It’s that place!

The legendary Sand Tower!

“Alright, thank you.  The matter of your village, leave it to us.”  Long Xiao Pang patted his chest as he made this promise.

Ma Luo looked at Long Xiao Pang with gratitude.  Although Long Xiao Pang was a child, Ma Luo could tell that Long Xiao Pang wasn’t simple.  He could see this by how everyone treated Long Xiao Pang.

“Why do they all call you dragon master?”  Ma Luo asked the question in his heart.

“Because they are all from the younger generation, hei, hei.”  Long Xiao Pang laughed as he was in a good mood. He patted Ma Luo’s shoulder, “Rest up, this dragon master will treat you to some meat tomorrow morning.”

Long Xiao Pang ran over to Ye Yu Xi.

Ma Luo watched Long Xiao Pang leave.  Although he was their captive……today was the day he was the fullest in six months.

Time passed quickly and it was midnight in the blink of an eye.

Sha, sha, sha, sha, sha!

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx’s eyes suddenly opened and its snow white head looked in a direction.

Zhi, zhi, zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx called out and its little claw pushed Ye Yu Xi’s face.


Ye Yu Xi opened her eyes and saw that Bai Jin Yi to the side had already sat up.

Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx called out as it looked in a direction.

Bai Jin Yi’s voice sounded, “There’s someone over there.”

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