Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 751

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Chapter 751: Cold and unyielding (Part 2)

“Interesting, you would rather die than to yield?”  The strange look in Jiu Chen Yin’s eyes became stronger and stronger.

Ye Yu Xi stood proud, trembling as she resisted that heaven collapsing pressure.

Jiu Chen Yin’s jade finger slowly came down, “Since you want to die, I’ll let you……”

“Yin Yin, stop.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand’s voice rang out.

With these soft words, the substantial pressure on the mountain peak scattered.


The fatty and the others felt their body relaxed and their breathing became much more smoother.


Bai Jin Yi looked at the trembling Ye Yu Xi and came behind her.  He put one hand on Ye Yu Xi’s back and slowly sent spiritual energy into her.

“Humph, consider yourself lucky.”  Jiu Chen Yin looked at Ye Yu Xi who was staring at her.

“This kind of pride, it is hard to obtain.  The Ice Mist Country, to you is a bit small.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand looked at the determination on Ye Yu Xi’s face.

Ye Yu Xi’s smile twitched a bit.

Jiu Chen Yin’s eyes turned cold again.

“Kid Bai, your eyes aren’t bad.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand looked at the Jiu Chen Yin with her cold eyes before calmly saying, “Yin Yin, we’re leaving.”

Jiu Chen Yin revealed a smile of disdain before taking Grandmother Cloud Hand’s hand to leave.


Looking at their backs, Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice rang out.


Not only was Grandmother Cloud Hand and Jiu Chen Yin surprised, even Bai Jin Yi looked at her with widened eyes.

Grandmother Cloud Hand and Jiu Chen Yin turned around.

“Jiu Chen Yin, next time we meet, I, Ye Yu Xi will return today’s shame several fold!”  Ye Yu Xi’s tone was as hard as iron.

For a while, no one doubted that Ye Yu Xi was just boasting.

“Humph~~I’ll be waiting.”  Jiu Chen Yin’s lips curled into a smile.

As for Grandmother Cloud Hand, her eyes were serious.


In front of everyone, Grandmother Cloud Hand and Jiu Chen Yin vanished.  They disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared.

Hu, hu!

A breeze blew across the mountain peak.

Ka, ka, ka!

There were explosions that came from Ye Yu Xi, as her aura spread and she fainted in Bai Jin Yi’s embrace.



“Young miss!”

The others quickly surrounded her.

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were very serious.  He put three fingers on Ye Yu Xi’s forehead and called Long Xiao Pang with a secret technique.

After four-five minutes, there was a flash of light beside Ye Yu Xi.

Long Xiao Pang appeared and he looked around before saying in a small voice, “Is that old lady gone?”

Bai Jin Yi nodded, “Dragon master, Ye Yu Xi.

Long Xiao Pang let out a long breath.  He pushed aside the fatty and put his little white hand on Ye Yu Xi.

“Ze, ze~~”  Long Xiao Pang shook his head, but he wasn’t worried at all, “It’s fine, she just broke several bones, she won’t die.”

Everyone: ……

“Young master Bai, who were those two people just now?”  The fatty remembered the scene from before.

With his cultivation, he couldn’t even take a single look from Jiu Chen Yin.

A bitter smile appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s lips, “Jiu Chen Yin, she is the number three genius of the Purple Cloud Rankings.  People call her the Purple Cloud Ice Girl.”

Purple Cloud Ice Girl, the fatty and the others were confused.  Towards this name, with their strength, they had never encountered it before.

“Then what about that old lady?”  Hei Sha said in a soft voice.

The old lady supported by Jiu Chen Yin, the feeling she gave everyone was even stronger than Jiu Chen Yin!

“That old lady……”  Bai Jin Yi’s serious look became even stronger, “Have you heard of something before?  Ten years ago, in a city in the Central Plains, half the people were slaughtered in the middle of the night.”

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