Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 719

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Chapter 719: What were dragons most afraid of? (Part 1)

Hong, hong, hong.

The purple flame dragon began to churn as its giant body swept over the surrounding area.  Wherever it went, everything was turned to black. Some of the weaker stones were directly disintegrated.

Bai Jin Yi didn’t go looking for Purple Crystals, he kept watching over the purple flame dragon.

There were two pieces of Extreme Ice Grass in Bai Jin Yi’s hand.

As long as he noticed that something was off, Bai Jin Yi planned on using the Extreme Ice Grass to charge in and pull Ye Yu Xi out.

Time passed minute by minute, second by second.


Inside the purple flame dragon.

Ye Yu Xi was currently panting and that sea blue flame dragon had shrank back into a small circle.

Although it had become smaller, its aura didn’t decline and instead, the sea blue colour had become even darker.

“It compressed itself……”  A weak feeling came from Ye Yu Xi.

Like this, she wouldn’t be able to subdue this flame dragon.  Her spiritual energy was about to exhausted.

Bada, bada.

Ye Yu Xi felt the temperature around her gradually increasing and she knew that the powers of the Extreme Ice Grass was fading.  Seeing that it would disappear soon, she quickly swallowed another piece of Extreme Ice Grass.

The cool feeling burst from inside her and made Ye Yu Xi’s body tremble, as her mind was refreshed.

She couldn’t keep going like this, she had to think of a way!

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her beautiful eyes and didn’t attack for now.


What were dragons most afraid of?!

Pulling out their reverse scale?!

Ye Yu Xi remembered the dragon’s weakness and looked over this flame dragon.  It was completely made of sea blue ripples and it was formed out of flames, there weren’t any dragon scales at all!

Ye Yu Xi complained in her heart.


The sea blue flame dragon didn’t have any good impressions of Ye Yu Xi.  Seeing that she wasn’t attacking, it opened its mouth to release a “water ball” that was blazing hot.

The surrounding purple flames were much hotter than before.


The wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back flapped, she didn’t dare take this “water ball”.


Ye Yu Xi sent a punch at the sea blue flame dragon’s stomach and the powerful force sent the dragon flame flying.  It flipped in the air before falling down.

Un?  This was……

When the flame dragon flipped in the air, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes focused!  Why was there purple!

That flame dragon flipped over and its claws grabbed the ground.  The faint bit of purple was pressed under it and it tightly guarded it.

Hong, hong, hong.

The sea blue flame dragon kept attacking Ye Yu Xi.

While Ye Yu Xi dodged them, she was paying attention to the movements of the flame dragon.

Every time the sea blue flame dragon attacked, it would always hide its stomach, not letting her see it at all!

What was the dragon’s weakness?

First, the reverse scale.

Second, the dragon tendon!

The purple flame, could it be that it was this sea blue flame dragon’s dragon tendon?

The dragon condensed of flames had a dragon tendon?

Ye Yu Xi didn’t know what the situation was, she could only make a gamble!

Shua, shua, shua.

The wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back flapped.  The dragon covered in sea blue flames kept turning, looking for an opening.


With a punch sent out, the flame dragon was sent flying again.

The flame dragon turned in the air.

As expected, on its stomach, running all the way up to its neck was a very clear purple line. 

Ye Yu Xi sent a kick high up and sent the flame dragon flying.

The hand on her other side was prepared.  The moment she saw her opportunity, she grabbed the purple region on the flame dragon’s stomach.


No, nothing?!

Ye Yu Xi’s expression fell as she flapped her wings, flying back several meters.


Having its weak point attacked, the giant sea blue dragon looked up and roared in rage.

But its roar was more like a flame explosion attack.

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