Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 711

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Chapter 711: It’s almost dead (Part 2)

“Master, I found it.”  Huo Ling’s cute voice rang out in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

“Un?  Where?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up.

“Wu, wait a minute.”  Huo Ling seemed to be busy and didn’t immediately respond to Ye Yu Xi.

“Huo Ling found it.”  Ye Yu Xi told the others.

“Oh?  Let’s go take a look at what it is.  Long Xiao Pang became excited.

This spirit beast, based on where it was, it should be the spirit beast guarding the Strange Flame!

A spirit beast that guards the Strange Flame would never be simple.

After a while, Huo Ling quickly flew over.

“Master, master, let’s go over quickly, it’s almost dead.”  Huo Ling chirped.


After many years, it still wasn’t dead?!

They went over a mountain following Huo Ling.

The vegetation at the top of the mountain was no longer sea blue, but rather it was a faint light purple colour.

“Master, it’s in this cave.”  Huo Ling said.

While saying this, Huo Ling flew into the forest to find an herb.

Entering the cave, they saw the situation inside.

Everyone was silent.

One big and two small, three snow white spirit beasts were lying on the ground.

Under the two small spirit beasts was a layer of thick dried grass.  It seemed like it was a nest made by the large spirit beast.

“It seems like it’s it.”  Long Xiao Pang poked the large spirit beast.

Everyone was silent.

There was a purple ginseng dangling in the large spirit beast’s mouth.  There was a hole opened by someone in its abdomen and purple blood was dripping out.

“She wanted to feed her child before she died.”  Long Xiao Pang said in a deep voice.

Huo Ling fell to the ground and used his sharp beak to touch one of the spirit beasts, “Master, master this one isn’t dead yet.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at that spirit beast.  Its abdomen was rising and falling slightly.  The little beast was so hungry that it was only a sack of bones and its white fur had already lost its glow.

“It’s so pitiful.”  Huo Ling’s sympathy poured out into his heart.

Ye Yu Xi came closer with soft steps and used her hand to pick up the spirit beast that was the size of her palm.

The snow white spirit beast squirmed, but it didn’t have the strength to resist at all.

Spiritual energy was injected into the snow white spirit beast and the little spirit beast finally had a bit of strength to open its eyes.

A pair of light purple eyes looked at Ye Yu Xi before slowly closing again.

“Dragon master, is there a way to save it?”  Ye Yu Xi asked.

“We have to save it even if we can’t.”  Long Xiao Pang finished looking over the large spirit beast.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi was surprised.

“Whether we can find the Strange Flame or not will depend on this mink.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at the fatty and others beside him. 

“Dragon master, understood, we’ll go stand guard.”  The fatty raised his hand and understood Long Xiao Pang’s meaning.

Since they entered the High Ocean Mountain, the thing the fatty and the others did the most was standing guard.

The fatty and the others left.

Long Xiao Pang said to Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi, “This mink, its full name is the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Mink.”

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s pupils instantly enlargened.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Mink famous on the continent!

Even if Ye Yu Xi wasn’t strong, through her ancient books, she had some understanding of this spirit beast.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Mink, it was very sensitive to flames and moved incredibly fast.  There were very few of them, being able to enter the list of treasures!

They never thought that this little beast that was a sack of bones was actually the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Mink.

“Dragon master, this thing, can it develop intelligence?”  Bai Jin Yi asked in a worried voice.

This spirit beast couldn’t compare to Huo Ling.  If it couldn’t develop intelligence, perhaps they will be used to feed the spirit beast in the future.

“I don’t know.”  Long Xiao Pang honestly shook his head.

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