Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 709

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Chapter 709: Definitely dead (Part 2)

Long Xiao Pang pursed his lips to think for a bit, “I felt a live person before, but now it seems like a dead person.”

Ye Yu Xi leaned over and stretched out her hand to touch the old man’s clothes.

There was a layer of grey dust on it and it seemed like this dust had been here for over a year.

Ye Yu Xi pressed down with her finger.


There’s elasticity?

Ye Yu Xi’s pupils slightly became bigger.

What was this situation?!

After being dead for so long, shouldn’t a body be completely stiff!

“His body is still elastic.”  Ye Yu Xi stood up, speaking in a voice filled with confusion.

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes revealed a trace of surprise.  He leaned over and his hand rubbed all over the ground.

After a while, Long Xiao Pang’s face filled with joy.  His white hands directly went to the dirt on the ground and he dug something out.


Long Xiao Pang blew on it and the dark ball of dirt revealed its original form!  It was a pill!

After putting it in front of his nose to sniff, Long Xiao Pang suddenly knew what it was.  He casually threw the pill to Bai Jin Yi beside him, “Xiao Bai, look at this thing.”

Bai Jin Yi took the pill and also placed it under his nose to sniff.  After sending his spiritual energy into it, his eyes filled with shock, “Five Line Body Shaping Pill?!”

Long Xiao Pang slowly nodded, “To use this kind of pill, one’s strength need to be in the Yellow Spirit Realm or above.”

Ye Yu Xi remembered the description of the Five Line Body Shaping Pill in her mind.

Five Line Body Shaping Pill: Seventh grade pill.  Repairing a dead person’s flesh and bones. It could instantly cure any kind of outer wound and even if one had a broken limb, once it was taken and refined, the limb would be regenerated.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the black wound on the old man’s chest again.

This old man, it can’t be that he was planning to use this pill to regenerate a heart, right!

“This old man’s life isn’t good, he didn’t get to eat this pill after taking it out.”  Long Xiao Pang shook his head with a sigh.

“Dragon master, how did this old man die?”  The fatty was confused.

“That Strange Flame should be here.”  Long Xiao Pang suddenly said.

Strange Flame?!

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  She took out the map and saw that the target location was still a mountain away!

“Dragon master, on the map…..”  Ye Yu Xi pointed at the location on the map for Long Xiao Pang.

“You can just look at the map because the map is drawn by a person.”  Long Xiao Pang revealed an intelligent look, “Haven’t you noticed that since we entered this mountain, the surrounding colour has begun to change!”

Everyone looked around and as expected, it was no longer the pure sea blue colour, but rather there was a trace of purple in the sea blue.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the map in her hand and understood Long Xiao Pang’s meaning.

Any kind of map can have errors, not to mention one that recorded a treasure like a Strange Flame!

The person who made the map back then must have found the Strange Flame and didn’t have enough strength, so they made this map.

Like this, in this mountain range, it was very normal for there to be an error of a mountain or two.

“Dragon master, even someone in the Yellow Spirit Realm died here, with our bit of strength……”  Hei Feng Tian Zong was a bit hesitant.

Of their group, the strongest person was only in the ninth spiritual level!

How could they fight?

“Little girl, leave this place to me and Xiao Bai.  You all should go explore around, you should be able to find something.”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice was a bit uncertain.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and used her eyes to signal to the others to explore.

“Little girl, wait.”  Long Xiao Pang suddenly shouted to Ye Yu Xi.


“Call Huo Ling out, it should be a bit faster with him searching.”  Long Xiao Pang said.

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