Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: I’ve never been full before

“No, the Zhao Family that bought the young miss was strangely exterminated several years ago.  I don’t know where the young miss went after that.” The shadow respectfully stood there.

“Keep investigating!”  Bai Jin Yi’s clenched fist slowly released.


“Alright, you can leave.  Ye Yu Xi and the other will be returning soon.”  Bai Jin Yi waved his hand and allowed the shadow to leave.

Ye Yu Xi led the others back into the little courtyard.

After giving the others some simple physical training, she turned into her own room and prepared to refine pills.

After locking the door, with a thought, Ye Yu Xi disappeared as she entered the chaotic space.

Bai Jin Yi who had been locked his aura onto Ye Yu Xi’s room suddenly had his brow jump up and he had a strange look in his eyes.  Although he was in his room, when Ye Yu Xi came back, he had been paying attention to her the entire time. But just now, Ye Yu Xi’s aura had disappeared into thin air!

Strange, logically speaking, this little girl shouldn’t be able to escape my aura lock!  Bai Jin Yi stood in front of the window feeling confused.

When Ye Yu Xi came into the chaotic space, Huo Ling’s voice sounded out.

“Master, master, you came right on time today.”  The pile of Spirit Grass was already completely eaten by Huo Ling and now he fell onto the bookshelf, pitifully looking at Ye Yu Xi.

“Un?  What is it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling.  What was called right on time.

Huo Ling groomed his wings and picked through his feathers.  He said in a tender voice, “Because I’m hungry. Master, aren’t you here to bring me more food?”

Ye Yu Xi: “……”

“Huo Ling, let me ask you.”  Ye Yu Xi acted calm.

“Un, master, go ahead and ask, even though I shouldn’t know the answer.”  Huo Ling honestly replied.

Ye Yu Xi heard Huo Ling preemptive response and she angrily rolled her eyes.  She said in a fierce manner, “Have you ever been full before!”

“I have, before master came here.”  Huo Ling looked at Ye Yu Xi unkind expression with a bit of fear.  Afraid that Ye Yu Xi would grab him for an experiment, he flapped his wings and flew away.  But the meaning in his words were clear, since you came, I have never been full!”

“There will be a day when I’ll die from supporting you!”  Ye Yu Xi angrily spoke out. She suddenly thought of the fatty and it seemed like the fatty hadn’t handed over the things from the ring yet!  She spoke to Huo Ling in the sky, “Do you still remember that fatty from the cave that captured you?”

“The fatty?  I remember! That damn fatty wanted to eat me!  When I’m stronger, I’ll turn that damn fatty into roasted pork.”  Huo Ling’s feathers suddenly jumped up, clearly having a deep impression of that fatty.

Ye Yu Xix wrote a note and put it in Huo Ling’s mouth before patting Huo Ling’s little head, “Take this note and find the fatty.  Let him follow what’s written on the paper and you’ll eat your fill.”

Huo Ling looked over the note, but he couldn’t recognize the writing, so he obediently flew out of the chaotic space.

After Huo Ling left, Ye Yu Xi let out a long sigh and walked in front of the bronze cauldron.

She already promised Mo Tian Chou she would sell five pills in his auction hall.  The ones she made yesterday couldn’t compare to the one she sold in the auction, so naturally she couldn’t take them out.

Now Ye Yu Xi could only take a gamble, trying to refine a Purple Spirit Pill that passed the quality check.  Otherwise, she would have to find that mysterious slave she bought for help.

Releasing her spiritual energy, flames filled the cauldron.  Herbs were thrown into the cauldron by Ye Yu Xi one by one.

After an entire four hours, Ye Yu Xi had refined three batches of pills.  However, the quality was still the same light purple colour and were far from the normal purple coloured pills Ye Yu Xi expected.

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