Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: I’ll leave it to you from now on

She felt the time outside and saw that it was almost time for dinner.  In order to make sure that Qing’er and the others weren’t worried, Ye Yu Xi could only leave the chaotic space first.

As soon as she walked out, the fatty ran over with a tearful expression.  Behind the fatty, Huo Ling was swaying as he flew over.

“Boss, save me, boss.”  The fatty wanted to cry, but had no tears.

“Burp!”  When Huo Ling came close, he fell onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulders as he gave a burp without saying a thing.  He looked like he was very satisfied, “Master, I’m full~Burp!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling who was as round as a ball before looking at the fatty, “What happened?”

The fatty’s face twisted as he looked at Ye Yu Xi with a painful expression.  He raised his trembling finger to point at Huo Ling, “Boss, the bird you’re raising, it isn’t anything good!”

“Pei!  You’re not anything good!  Master, master, burp~I just ate a few things from him and he actually insulted me.”  Huo Ling protested on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

The fatty could not understand Huo Ling, but Ye Yu Xi could.  Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty with a thoughtful gaze, “I only told you to feed Huo Ling until he’s full on the note, I never told you to do anything else.”

When the fatty heard this, he felt a bit faint.  A hand exaggeratedly went onto his chest as he said in an aggrieved voice, “Boss, have you ever fed this bird of your’s until he’s full?”

Ye Yu Xi shook her head……

The fatty staggered back while sighing, as if he understood something.  He said in an aggrieved voice, “Boss, I have been a thief for an entire two years!  An entire two years! All the things I’ve stolen in two years, they were all eaten by Huo Ling for a single meal!”


Qing’er who came to see the noise broke out in laughter before being followed by Ye Wen and Ye Man.

Even the always serious Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi standing in front of the window in the backyard revealed a trace of a smile.

Ye Yu Xi did not open her lips and talked to Huo Ling in her mind, “Huo Ling, just how much did you eat?”

“Burp!”  Huo Ling opened his mouth and first gave a burp, “I didn’t eat much.  That took me to a pharmacist after seeing the note and I began eating after the fatty paid them.  I just kept eating after that.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty with a bit of a strange expression, “Stop pretending to be pitiful.  Huo Ling just told me that he went to the pharmacist with you and went nowhere else. You were a thief for an entire two years, could it be you can’t even buy a single pharmacist’s!”

“That’s right, damn fatty.  Huo Ling just ate a bit of your things and you’re shouting like this.  Are you even a man?” Qing’er had been bickering with the fatty since the beginning, naturally she wouldn’t give up a chance to attack the fatty now.

The fatty patted his head and began feeling dizzy.  With a painful expression, he said, “Boss, ask a bit more clearly.  That bird on your shoulder, ask it if it was just a single pharmacy!  For half a day, I did nothing else and to feed it until it was full, I went to all the pharmacists in the city!  The entire city! Several dozen pharmacies worth of herbs was completely eaten by him!”

Ye Yu Xi: “……”

Looking at Huo Ling on her shoulder who heard the fatty explain everything instantly began to fly away.  He was flying very fast, as if he was afraid that Ye Yu Xi would make him spit the herbs out if he was a bit slower.

Ye Yu Xi patted the fatty’s shoulder and said in a comforting voice, “We are all family, I’ll compensate you in the future.”

“Thank you boss.”  It was like the fatty saw some hope.  It was good there was compensation, otherwise he would have suffered a huge loss today!

“For now, feeding Huo Ling will be taken care of by you.”  Ye Yu Xi headed towards their dining area after finishing speaking.  Several dozen pharmacies were bought by the fatty? Who would believe you!

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