Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 677

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Chapter 677: Two sides joining hands (Part 2)

Bai Jin Yi looked at Zou Tian Cheng completely surrounded in Beast Flame.  It had already been close to an hour and according to a normal calculation, it would be done in around half an hour.

But if Zou Tian Cheng had some dog shit luck and found a Beast Flame with a Beast Soul, it would be hard to tell when he would finish refining it.

Sha, sha, sha.

Clothes rubbed against tree branches and faint sounds rang out.

“It’s them.”  Si Luo had sharp eyes, seeing Ye Yu Xi right away.

When they were buying water back then, Ye Yu Xi didn’t give the Origin Flame Country any face.  Not only did she not give face, she told them to scram. Si Luo had deeply remembered Ye Yu Xi!

“Humph.”  Ye Yu Xi gave a cold snort and didn’t say anything.

“Yuan Na, over there.”  Yi Qi’s eyes looked past Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi, looking at Zou Tian Cheng covered in Beast Flames.

Yuan Na’s pupils became a bit bigger.  That golden brown demon core, it was very enticing!

“The two of you, if you have nothing here, please leave first.”  Yuan Na looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“Old brother is also here.”  The large man cooperating with Yuan Na gave a greeting, like he really knew Zou Tian Cheng.

“If you take a single step forward, you’ll get the consequences you deserve!”  The golden flame in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes twinkled.


The large man had already lifted his foot into the air!

This kid…..he was serious!

After hesitating for a few seconds, the raised foot returned to its original place.

“The two of you, when we met you buying water in the little town, I remember that there wasn’t this old senior with you.”  Yuan Na looked at Zou Tian Cheng and spoke quickly.

“Oh?”  The large man looked over and his mind turned again.

Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi both stood there, not saying a single word.

“Boss, I have already found this little girl very unpleasing, how about we take care of her!”  The fatty was hiding in a thick tree, looking at Yuan Na’s group through the dense foliage.

“Don’t be rash.  This kind of person isn’t worth wasn’t spiritual energy on.”  Ye Yu Xi replied.

“Damn, she really is unpleasing!”  The fatty couldn’t help cursing out.

“Princess, do you have a way to make these two people leave?”  The large man discussed with Yuan Na in whisper.

Yuan Na slowly shook her head.

“If you can’t, then we can only use force.”  The large man looked at the Beast Flame around Zou Tian Cheng and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

This was a Beast Flame!  A treasure that was only inferior to a Strange Flame!

Of course, Yuan Na was also filled with greed, but she had hidden her greed very deeply.

Huo Ling tilted his head and noticed that something was off.  Flapping his wings, he flew off Ye Yu Xi’s back silently without attracting anyone’s attention.

“Boss, let’s just go all out!”  After a few minutes, the fatty complained again.

Kneeling on a tree branch was just too uncomfortable.

“They are more anxious than us.  After a while, when the old man finishes refining, everything will be fine.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

The large man and Yuan Na’s cold eyes looked at Ye Yu Xi.  Both their eyes were filled with uncertainty.

There was a real Beast Flame and it was a Beast Flame that came into their hands for free.  As long as they disrupted the old man’s refining, the old man would be hit by the rebound.

But if these people didn’t have some strength, they wouldn’t have come here.

Before the two could even make a move, another situation appeared.

“Master, master, this is bad!  Quickly run, quickly run!” A voice that was even more anxious than before rang in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

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