Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Remnant map

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Since the City Lord’s concubine had made her move, if necessary, she wouldn’t mind wiping out the City Lord’s palace like she had done with the Zhao Manor.

“Go and bring the thing out.”  The City Lord’s wife looked at Housekeeper Li.

Housekeeper Li left and came back holding a box after a while.

Walking in front of the bed, Housekeeper Li looked at the City Lord’s wife and his lips quivered.

The City Lord’s wife waved her hand.  Her aura was weak, but her thoughts were very firm, “This item is no use if we keep it, so it’s better to give it to young miss Ye.”

“Yes, madame.”  Although Housekeeper Li had an unwilling look in his eyes, he still placed the box in Ye Yu Xi’s hands.

Ye Yu Xi took the box as she looked over at the City Lord’s wife in the bed, “Madame, this is?”

The City Lord’s wife revealed a faint smile as if some thoughts were relieved from her mind, “I’ve heard from uncle Li that you’ve taken the Soul Devourer Blade my ancestors left behind.  This is a half map left with the Soul Devourer Blade and it is no use in my hands right now. Young miss Ye definitely will not be an ordinary person in the future, so if this fragmented map is in young miss Ye’s hands, perhaps you’ll find the other half and combine them.  Perhaps you’ll obtain a chance encounter and this will be a favour from me to young miss Ye.”

Ye Yu Xi did not say anything elses and silently accepted the box into the chaotic space before giving Housekeeper Li another Origin Returning Pill.  After telling Housekeeper Li to only give it to the City Lord’s wife after tomorrow, she left the Silent House.

“Young miss, that City Lord’s wife isn’t that bad, she still knows to thank us.”  Qing’er walked beside Ye Yu Xi.

“It’s just a reciprocal gift.  Go and give these cloaks to Ye Wen and the others, have them cover their faces.”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly remembered that she had only called Ye Wen and the others to the Spiritualist Hall gate and forgot to tell them to hide their faces.

The Spiritualist Guild was in the city’s west, not far from the Silent House.

When Ye Yu Xi came to the Spiritualist Guild’s gate, there were quite a bit of people gathered at the gate.  It seemed like something had happened inside.

Ye Yu Xi did not plan on caring, but a voice came from within the crowd.

“Damn, meeting a dog when coming out.  This fat master is here today, you will apologize!”

“Apologize?  I was cursing that slut Ye Yu Xi, what does it matter to you!  Hitting my people, this young miss will teach you a lesson today!”

The fatty’s voice?

Ye Yu Xi’s brows knit.  Looking at the dense crowd in front of her that she could only hear voices coming from, she could not see the situation at all.  Her jade like hand flew out like lightning as the people in front of her felt their bodies turn numb, swaying to the side and revealing a gap.

Ye Yu Xi entered the crowd.  The fatty with his bulging belly was cursing at some people.  Ye Wen, Ye Man, and Qing’er were standing on the side.

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand and Ye Wen came over.

“What happened?”  Ye Yu Xi asked in a low voice.

“Young miss, I……”  Ye Wen lowered her head and as she hesitated.

“Speak!”  Ye Yu Xi looked at her.  She hated other people being hesitant like this.

“Young miss, the other side said your cultivation was low and some dirty things about you.  When the fatty heard this, he flew into a rage and slapped one of them. He said that talking about you behind your back was like talking about him and then both side began to quarrel.”  Ye Wen honestly told her everything.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and walked to the center.

When the fatty saw Ye Yu Xi come over, he immediately revealed a happy smile, “Hei, hei, boss, you’re here.  This group of brats…..”

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