Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 624

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Chapter 624: A place with laws (Part 2)

“Waiter!  Come up here!”  A low and grisly voice roared out from the second floor.

Just based on this voice, one could tell what kind of figure this person had.

“Ai!”  The waiter quickly responded before waving his hand at Ye Yu Xi’s group, “Guests, please leave quickly.  That young master is a pervert, if he sees the two young miss, you’ll be in trouble.”

“Why aren’t you coming yet!”  The person on the second floor roared out again.

“Young master, coming, coming.  I’m preparing some tea for you~”  The waiter responded again before urging them, “Quickly leave!” 

After saying this, the waiter took a pot of tea from the counter and headed to the second floor.

Bai Jin Yi watched him leave and he revealed a faint smile.  With a flick of his finger, a golden light flew out of the tip of his finger, sending a gold coin perfectly into the waiter’s pocket.

“Master, what do we do?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“Blood Enchantress doesn’t have the habit of avoiding people.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly said as she continued drinking her tea.

She even dared killed a general, was she afraid of a county’s magistrate?

What a joke!


On the second floor.

“Li Zi, who was being wild on the first floor.”  The county magistrate’s son was leaning back in his chair, looking at the waiter with narrowed eyes.

“Young master, those people are outsiders who didn’t know anything, I have already sent them away.”  The waiter bent over to pour the tea.

“Gone?”  The young master looked over at the waiter, “Li Zi, you brat, you wouldn’t be lying to me again, right?”

“Young master, what are you saying, how could I be?  How could I help outsiders, you are my frequent customer.”  The waiter said.

“Alright, I’ll go down and take a look.  If they really are gone, this matter is over.  If they are still there, I will take care of you brat.  Daring to lie to me?” The young master slapped the table and got up to go downstairs.

“Master, what are you arguing with some outsiders for?  No…..they really are gone, master!” The waiter didn’t dare block the county magistrate’s son, he could only watch as the young master headed downstairs.

In the main hall on the first floor.

The dishes Ye Yu Xi’s group ordered had come and each person had taken a bite.

“Un, the taste isn’t bad.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.

“In places like this, the food is usually fresh.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong responded.

“Wang Wu, Wang Qiang, which blind person said he didn’t dare believe that I would catch him.”  The county magistrate’s son was standing at the entrance to the stairs, shouting to a table in the corner.

The waiter followed behind the young master and when he heard this, he knew this was bad!

Those people didn’t leave.

“Young master, it’s those four over there.”  Wang Wu and Wang Qiang stood up, pointing at Ye Yu Xi’s table.

“Ya~~They look quite good.”  That young master saw Ye Yu Xi and Hei Sha.  One had a rich figure and one had an outstanding aura, but both of them were absolute beauties.

He waved his hand at the two soldiers and the young master asked in a small voice, “What cultivation do these people have?”

“It should be around the second spiritual level, their cultivations aren’t high.”  Wang Wu said.

Wang Qiang nodded on the side.  He felt the same thing as Wang Wu.

Second spiritual level, then that’s easy to take care of…..

The young master revealed a lewd look on his face.

“Young master, what do we do?  Are we going to fight them?” Wang Wu and Wang Qiang held their blades, asking in a low voice.

The young master’s thoughts were interrupted by them and he came back to his senses.  He glared at the two of them, “Fight? What fight! Rich Stone Town is a place with laws, how could we casually capture people!”

“The young master is right.”

“Young master, then you’re saying…..these people……”

The county magistrate’s son looked at Ye Yu Xi’s face and her high chest before licking his lips, “That, these people have disrupted the peace of Rich Stone Town.  Those two men will be sent to prison and as for those two girls, this young master will sacrifice himself and personally inspect them.”

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