Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 610

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Chapter 610: Hey!  Xiao Hei! (Part 4)

Black Jade Hand!

Hei Feng Ming Zhe was really shocked this time!

Back when the old ancestor Hei Feng Tai Qing wandered the continent in his youth, he had broken into the ninth spiritual level when he came back.  Moreover…..he brought back the Black Jade Hand lost to the family for many years. With just this Black Jade Hand, he gradually suppressed all the other branch families and allowed the Black Wind Family to stabilize their position.

Hei Feng Tai Qing back then said the Black Jade Hand was a fortuitous encounter, but no one asked about the specifics.  The source of the Black Jade Hand had been a mystery the entire time.

“I won’t hide it from the dragon master, I’ve been practicing the Black Jade Hand the entire time since back then.  After all these years, I’ve had a bit of success.” Hei Feng Tai Qing modestly said.

“Alright, stop pretending, you’re already an old ancestor.  It’s a good thing since we have something for you to do this time.  The weapon refiners outside are all useless, only you can help with this matter.”  Long Xiao Pang began to talk about business.

“Dragon master, please speak if you need anything.  The Black Wind Family will do all we can to help.” Hei Feng Tai Qing generously said.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“Senior, we’re planning to make a few silver needles from this mithril.  Normal spiritual flames can’t satisfy our needs, so we want senior’s help.”  Ye Yu Xi spoke in a very courteous voice.

Hei Feng Tai Qing looked at the mithril and a strange look flashed in his eyes.  King of Hell’s Palace?

“Needing the Black Jade Hand, could it be you are planning to use a Beast Flame to refine it?”  Hei Feng Tai Qing asked.

Long Xiao Pang shook his head and pointed at Bai Jin Yi, “Un~~Xiao Hei, look at that brat, can you see through his origin?”

Hei Feng Tai Qing heard this and with a blink, mental energy surrounded Bai Jin Yi.

“Based on the dragon brocaded robes and the golden trimmed boots, as well as that medicinal smell, this little brother should be from the Medicine King Valley, right?”

“Senior’s eyes are very good.”  Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile.


Sticking his hand out, the golden flames appeared again.

“I want to use this flame to refine the mithril, I’ll need to trouble senior.”

Hei Feng Tai Qing felt the temperature from the flame and slowly said, “Heavenly Spirit Flame, the Empty Starry Night Flame, good!  The younger generation is quite talented! Our Black Wind Manor will help with this matter!”

“Old ancestor…..”  Hei Feng Ming Zhe saw that his old ancestor had agreed, so he asked for instructions in a low voice.

“It’s getting late.  Ming Zhe, prepare some dinner, the benefactor will stay in our manor tonight.  We’ll do the refining tomorrow morning.” Hei Feng Tai Qing looked back at Long Xiao Pang, “Benefactor, what would you like to eat?”

“Bring some more roasted lamb meat.  Let that brat prepare it, he knows.” Long Xiao Pang pointed at Hei Feng Tian Zong on the side.

Hei Feng Tian Zong nodded as he thought……This kid really didn’t eat his fill in the restaurant just now……

“The two of you, I have some more things to ask.  The silver needles refined from this mithril, what will it be used for and what dimensions do you want them?”  Hei Feng Tai Qing played with the silver token in his hand.

“For cultivation, these needles will be used to infuse spiritual energy.”  Long Xiao Pang said a few things, giving the dimensions of the silver needles one by one.

“This mithril can withstand spiritual energy, but based on material, mithril is not the best choice.”  Hei Feng Tai Qing looked at Hei Feng Ming Zhe to the side, “How much Zinc Gold is left in the storage room?”  

Zinc Gold?

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes lit up, this was a good thing!  It was as valuable as a Strange Flame!

“Reporting to the old ancestor, there isn’t much.  If it was to be used in refining silver needles, according to the dimensions, it could be used to refine three needles.”  Hei Feng Ming Zhe honestly replied.

“Bring it all over.”  Hei Feng Tai Qing didn’t feel any pain at all as he slowly stood up from his chair.

“Benefactor, the favour you have shown our Black Wind Family, Tai Qing couldn’t repay with ten thousand deaths.  But Tai Qing has a small request that I hope the dragon master will agree to.” While saying this, Hei Feng Tai Qing actually bowed to Long Xiao Pang again.

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