Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 574

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Chapter 574: Flame Ginseng (Part 2)

Hong, long, long, hong, long, long.

The Lava Scarlet Sun Snake had a giant body.  As it kept slithering along, it kept breaking large trees.

“Elder Li, what is that sound?”  Song Xiu Cheng felt the trembles under his feet and was a bit worried.

“What are you panicking for!”  Li Peng Pu looked at him and gave a snort of disdain, “It should be that little slut fighting the herb guarding beast.  To be able to cause this much noise, it must be a pretty good treasure.”

“Elder is wise.”  Song Xiu Cheng gave his timely flattering.

“Follow me forward, we’ll wait for a chance to steal the treasure.”  Li Peng Pu waved his large hand, as he led the others forward.


Bai Jin Yi was very fast, almost already reaching his limit.  This Lava Scarlet Sun Snake, other than not being able to fly, its strength was already above the ninth spiritual level.

Bai Jin Yi’s mental strength was stretched to its limit at this moment, looking for the people following behind them.


Bai Jin Yi came forward and arrived several dozen meters in front of Li Peng Pu and Song Xiu Cheng.

Li Peng Pu and Song Xiu Cheng who were heading forward saw the man suddenly appearing and they stopped.

Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile and golden wings appeared on his back.  Carrying Ye Yu Xi, the two of them left the ground and flew off into the sky.

“This is bad!  Ninth spiritual level expert!”  Li Peng Pu saw the wings on Bai Jin Yi’s back and his expression changed.  But right after that, Li Peng Pu and Song Xiu Cheng saw the terrifying thing charging at them.

The Lava Scarlet Sun Snake was slithering forth with its giant body.  Wherever it went, the ground turned black.

The Lava Scarlet Sun Snake had the word lava in its name because it normally lived beside underground lava.  With the effect of the lava, their body temperature was very high.

Si, si!

The Lava Scarlet Sun Snake stuck out its flame red tongue and its yellow eyes looked over at where Li Peng Pu and Song Xiu Cheng were standing.


Being faced with such a powerful spirit beast, the backs of these two were covered in cold sweat.

“Li, elder Li, what should, we do…..”  Song Xiu Cheng was already in a panic and his legs were trembling.

A fierce glow flashed in Li Peng Pu’s eyes.


Li Peng Pu kicked out and Song Xiu Cheng’s body went flying, as Li Peng Pu turned to run.

“Elder Li, you!”  Song Xiu Cheng never would have thought that the elder would plot against him!  His eyes looked at Li Peng Pu’s back as he ran away and they were filled with shock.

“Ah——”  With food being sent to its mouth, how could the giant snake be polite!

Its bloody mouth went wide open and swallowed Song Xiu Cheng in one bite.

While Li Peng Pu was running, he turned to take a look, perfectly seeing the moment Song Xiu Cheng was swallowed by the Lava Scarlet Sun Snake.  Song Xiu Cheng’s body had not been swallowed yet, as the heat around the snake’s mouth turned him into flames, causing him to let out a pitiful scream.

Si, si!

Without finding the Flame Ginseng, how could the Lava Scarlet Sun Snake be satisfied!  Its giant body slithered forward as it kept pursuing.

Bai Jin Yi was holding onto Ye Yu Xi as the two of them looked down at the scene below while floating in the air.

“It seems like that Li Peng Pu will find it hard to escape.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear.

Although Li Peng Pu had a high cultivation, in front of the Lava Scarlet Sun Snake, he was just like a little child.  In just a few seconds, the giant snake had already caught up.

The Lava Scarlet Sun Snake swept out with its tail and sent Li Peng Pu flying.  Li Peng Pu spat out blood and it didn’t seem like he could live long.

“Humph, he brought this on himself.”  Ye Yu Xi gave a cold snort.

But right away, Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed and her voice became even colder!

“Where are you placing your hand!”

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