Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 569

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Chapter 569: Black Stone Mountain Range (Part 1)

“Huo Ling, go and see what those people look like.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Huo Ling in her mind.

“Alright~”  Huo Ling flapped his wings as he flew several hundred meters behind Ye Yu Xi.


“Elder Li, when should we make a move?”  Song Xiu Cheng followed behind Li Peng Pu.  They had already reached the deep forest and in another two hours, it would become dark.

“Don’t rush, it’s fine to follow them.  There are many spirit beasts inside the Black Stone Mountain Range, the further we go in, the stronger they are.  We’ll follow behind them and take advantage of the situation.”

“Elder is truly intelligent.”  Song Xiu Cheng praised Li Peng Pu right on time.

There was a greedy look in Li Peng Pu’s eyes.  The Beast Flame was a good thing, for such a good thing, it was too much of a waste for it to be in the hands of a little girl.

“Elder, that Ye Yu Xi’s looks are quite good.”  Another Mingyue Sect disciple swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he thought of Ye Yu Xi’s appearance.  She was like a goddess, if he could press this kind of girl under him…..

When this disciple spoke up, the other disciples all revealed lustful looks.

“Humph, after this matter is over, she’ll be yours.”  Li Peng Pu replied.

“Thank you elder.”

The disciples thanked him at the same time.

Puleng, puleng.  Huo Ling flapped his wings a few times and returned to Ye Yu Xi’s side.

“Master, master, those people said they will follow us and they aren’t in a rush to make a move.  There are also some people who said they like you.” Huo Ling repeated what the Mingyue Sect disciples said.  To Huo Ling, those two things were basically the same.

Ye Yu Xi wanted to say something, but she choked up over the second half of Huo Ling’s words.

“Ke, ke, ke!  Huo Ling, tell me what they said.”  Ye Yu Xi felt so awkward and forgot to speak in her mind, directly saying it with her mouth.

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi with a strange look.  It was rare to see Ye Yu Xi like this, he became very curious over what Huo Ling said.

“Wu…..”  Huo Ling thought about it before repeating what that disciple said.

“Humph!”  Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh and a cold look appeared in her eyes.  Towards those people who had ideas towards her, Ye Yu Xi would always…..cut off their happiness!

“Do we need to take care of them now?”  Bai Jin Yi saw Ye Yu Xi’s appearance and could guess it wasn’t anything good.

“No need.   These people still have their uses.”  Ye Yu Xi shook her head.

“Master, I’m going to find something to eat.”  Huo Ling chirped a few times from Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder before flying off again.

“It’s almost dark, should we rest early?”  Bai Jin Yi looked at the sun setting to the west and the bit of sunlight passing through the tree branches to shine on them.

This was an outer mountain.  If they went past another mountain, they would truly be in the Black Stone Mountain Range.

Once they were in the mountain range, it wouldn’t be that easy for them to find peace.

“Wait for Huo Ling to come back.  What are you doing?” Ye Yu Xi looked at the suddenly approaching Bai Jin Yi and a “vigilance” appeared in her heart.  Bai Jin Yi wouldn’t be so shameless that he wants to do that in the wilderness…..

“Nothing, there’s a leaf on your shoulder.”  Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile, as he reached out to take a leaf from Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

“Master, this place is so broken.  Other than some grass and trees, there’s nothing at all!  Yi? There’s someone there!” Huo Ling was talking when he suddenly noticed something.

“Huo Ling, who is it?”  Ye Yu Xi had a deep understanding of Huo Ling’s use now.  As long as he was flying in the sky, with Huo Ling’s perception, it was like sweeping over half the mountain.

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