Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 566

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Chapter 566: There’s someone following (Part 1)

After shadow left, Bai Jin Yi stood there looking into the distance.

“This Blue Jade Peak has the Black Stone Mountain Range behind it, this place isn’t bad.”  With a smile, Bai Jin Yi headed down the mountain.


Inside the main hall.

The three elders finally finished their discussion.  The second elder went to check the people who had contact with the sect master in the past few days while the third and fourth elder returned to the hall.

“Miss Ye, many thanks for today.  This is a small gift as a small token of gratitude.”  The fourth elder placed a brocaded box in front of Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  As soon as she took the box, there was a report from a disciple that sounded outside.

“Reporting to the elders, there was someone who trespassed in the back mountains.”

“Un?”  The fourth elder’s expression changed.  He cupped his hands towards Ye Yu Xi before walking put.

“Who dares trespass in the back mountains, bring me over for a look.”  The fourth elder had a dark look. There really were quite a few things that happened today.

The third elder, Ye Yu Xi, and Dongfang Bing Ya followed the fourth elder out off the hall.

They came to the square together.

Bai Jin Yi was standing there with several Blue Jade Peak disciples surrounding him.

“Elders, it’s him.  He came down from the mountains and were found by the guarding disciples.”  The disciple looked over at Bai Jin Yi.

Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  There were already enough matters, but Bai Jin Yi was causing more trouble at this time.

“Fourth elder, is there a mistake here?”  Ye Yu Xi said in a soft voice.

“Young master Bai and young miss Ye are our Blue Jade Peak’s guests, so it isn’t strange if you don’t know.  The back mountain is normally filled with fierce beasts, so in order to keep the disciples save, we have banned people from entering them.  Since young master Bai has come back safely, we can disregard this matter.” The fourth elder said with a smile.

“Many thanks, elder.”  Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod before glaring at Bai Jin Yi.

An inner sect disciple quickly ran over while shouting, “Elders!  Elders! The sect master is awake!”

“What?  Quickly go over and see!”

This bomb like piece of news caused everyone’s attention to be diverted.  Even Dongfang Bing Ya instantly ran towards the yards of the inner sect.

For a while, in the square, other than a few outer sect disciples standing guard, there was only Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi left.

“What did you run off to the back mountains for?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over Bai Jin Yi. She was thinking that it was fine that he went, but why did he let others catch him.

With Bai Jin Yi’s cultivation, he was definitely caught on purpose!  Or rather, he didn’t care at all if he was caught or not.

“I was looking around, this back mountain is linked to the Black Stone Mountain Range.  If you are interested, we can go train in the Black Stone Mountain Range when everything settles down here.”

“Black Stone Mountain Range…..Is it the Black Stone Mountain Range rich in black iron?”  Ye Yu Xi remembered the information on the Black Stone Mountain Range.

“Un.  Although the Black Stone Mountain Range’s area can’t compare to the Heaven Mountain Range, the spirit beasts inside are only stronger and not weaker.”

Remembering the path, if they went through the Black Stone Mountain Range, although it was a bit longer, they could still return to the capital city.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Before she could respond, Dongfang Bing Ya ran back over.

“Big sister Yu Xi, master is awake and wants to see you.”  Dongfang Bing Ya said.

“Un, let’s go take a look.”

They walked to the yards in the inner sect.

The room Bing Ya’s master was resting in was already surrounded by people.  These people were the inner sect disciples who remained in the sect, who had rushed over to take a look as soon as they heard the news.

“Master, young miss Ye is here.”

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