Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 564

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Chapter 564: Face slapping, number one genius (Part 6)

They came to the main hall.

Other than some elite disciples, the outer sect disciples didn’t have the right to come in.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the elders sitting in front of her and Taba Ying Bo’s group of disciples.  After thinking for a bit, she discussed something with the fourth elder sitting in the main seat.

“Fourth elder, there is something that is rather secret, I wonder…..”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Taba Ying Bo’s group.

The fourth elder nodded and waved his hand at Taba Ying Bo’s group, “Ying Bo, you’ve been busy all day, go and rest.”

“Yes, elder.”

The disciples bowed before walking out and closing the door to the hall.

“Miss Ye, what is it you wish to talk about?”

The three elders looked at Ye Yu Xi with curious gazes.  Right now, the three of them had already placed Ye Yu Xi on the same level as them, or even…..on a higher level.

“Three elders, the sect master has been injured by someone a few months ago and was unconscious the entire time.  Her illness became worse this morning and the Mingyue Sect came at that time, don’t you feel this is a bit coincidental?”  Ye Yu Xi picked up a cup of warm tea from the table and took a light sip.

“This…..We won’t hide it from young miss Ye, we also thought of this.  But it has been several months and at the scene of the sect master being injured, there were no marks at all.  Other than the sect master’s broken weapon, there were no other clues.” The second elder said while thinking over this.

“Let’s not talk about this first.”  Ye Yu Xi put down her teacup, “When I came, I found a kind of bug inside your sect master.  I’ve already taken out that bug and properly speaking, your sect master should have already woken up a few days ago.  But not mentioning whether she woke up or not, her illness became even worse…..”

Ye Yu Xi didn’t say anything else.

“Miss Ye, the sect master has been taken care of by the sect’s disciples these past few days.  Could it be…..”

The second elder didn’t say anything else, understanding the meaning of Ye Yu Xi’s words and also understanding why Ye Yu Xi had those disciples leave!

The three elders looked at each other and said in a strange voice at the same time, “It’s an internal problem!”

The hall entered a short period of silence.

“Elders, this is your Blue Jade Peak’s inner matters.  I’ve already said and done all this, I think…..the elders have your own ideas.”  Ye Yu Xi sat there, smartly choosing to let go of this matter.

“Young miss Ye, please wait a while.  This matter is too important, we three old fellows will be leaving for a bit.”  The fourth elder cupped his hands to Ye Yu Xi.

The three elders left, leaving only Ye Yu Xi and Dongfang Bing Ya in the hall.

“Big sister Yu Xi, was everything you said just now true?”  Dongfang Bing Ya looked at Ye Yu Xi with a strange gaze.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head, “I don’t know if it’s true or not.  It could also be the Mingyue Sect sending someone in and secretly poisoning her, but compared to this situation, I feel like it’s more likely there is an internal problem.”

“That’s right.  Bing Ya, what kind of person normally take care of your master?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly asked.

“Taking care of master……It’s basically left to some trusted inner sect disciples.  Those outer sect disciples don’t have a chance to go to the inner sect living quarters at all.”  Dongfang Bing Ya thought it over.

“Think carefully.  Is there anything special about these people?”

“Special…..If you have to mention something special, there is Ying Bo.  Oh, when we came the first time, there was the little disciple that opened the door for us.”  Bing Ya explained.

“Oh?  That boy that was around thirteen-fourteen years old?  What is special about him?”

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