Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Boss isn’t that bad

The girls in the yard stopped moving their hands and feet.  The dirt covered fatty was even rolling as he ran over to Ye Yu Xi’s side, giving a laugh, “Boss, what do you want me to do?  I can go into bed, I can enter the latrine, I can eat fried duck, and beat villains.”

Putong.  Gu lu lu.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the boasting fatty and directly sent a kick at him.  The fatty that had ran over was sent rolling twice on the ground by the kick.

Walking over to the fatty lying on the ground, Ye Yu Xi said, “Take out those herbs.”

The fatty revealed a grimace as he unwillinging reached out his hand.  With a glow, a large pile of herbs appeared in the yard.

Qing’er on the side was fine since the young miss could also do this.  Ye Wen and Ye Man looked at the fatty with wide eyes.

“And the rest?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the herbs the fatty took out and couldn’t help asking.

The fatty’s face froze before revealing a bitter expression and saying, “Boss, this is it, there is nothing else.  I swear to the heavens.”

Ye Yu Xi  narrowed her eyes as she revealed a deep gaze, “Don’t say that the Zhao Manor, the Li Manor, the Wang Manor, and the other houses weren’t robbed by you.”

“It wasn’t!”  How could the fatty admit it.

“Un?”  Ye Ye Xi looked at him as she prepared to call Qing’er.

“It’d be strange if it wasn’t!”  The fatty revealed a smirk and took two steps forward.  Thinking of the pain from the kick, he moved back and said in a pitiful voice, “Boss, leave me a bit.  This was hard for me to steal.”

“Give me the herbs, you can keep the rest.”  Ye Yu Xi knew that she couldn’t force the fatty too much, but it was impossible not to let him bleed!

“Really?”  The fatty’s face filled with disbelief.  He was already prepared to take out everything.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.

The fatty gave a long sigh of relief, it seemed like his boss was not that bad.

Ye Yu Xi allowed the fatty, Ye Wen, and the others return to their rooms to rest, preparing for tomorrow’s training.  She then took the herbs and brought them into the room.

When Ye Yu Xi entered the room, her eyes instantly fell onto Huo Ling lying on the table and her eyes turned sharp.

“Relax, this fellow has only fainted, he’s not dead.”  Bai Jin Yi seemed like he could see Ye Yu Xi’s thoughts.  He was drinking his tea as he relieved Ye Yu Xi’s doubts.

“Teach me alchemy.”  Ye Yu Xi placed the pile of herbs on the table.

“You really are anxious!”

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi, “You’re planning on doing this here?”

Looking at Ye Yu Xi’s serious expression, Bai Jin Yi shook his head.  With a flash, he appeared behind Ye Yu Xi again and hugged her again. When Ye Yu Xi reacted, she was already outside the yard.  It was so fast that Ye Yu Xi couldn’t help praising it.

After a few minutes, Bai Jin Yi had brought Ye Yu Xi to barren hills to the west.

“Let me go.”  Ye Yu Xi calmly said.  This time she did not make a move.  After that first exchange she knew that in front of absolute strength, her killing abilities had failed for the first time.  She couldn’t beat this man right now, but there would be a day that she would be able to repay him ten times or a hundred times back!

“Take out your alchemy cauldron.”  Bai Jin Yi relaxed leaned against a large tree.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold snort.  A flash of light appeared in her hand as the bronze cauldron from the Ye Manor’s treasure room fell to the ground, giving off a deep sound.

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