Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 557

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Chapter 557: Five year appointment (Part 4)

“You two?  If you don’t use mental energy, around a hundred moves.  If you use mental energy, at most ten moves.” Bai Jin Yi confidently said.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile as she continued watching the two fight.

Taba Ying Bo’s sword art was considered not bad, already suppressing the other side to the point of no counterattacks.

There were three consecutive slashes from Taba Ying Bo and the final one pierced at Lu Ming Xu’s right hand.

Lu Ming Xu unconsciously used his sword to block, but he revealed his center to Taba Ying Bo.


Taba Ying Bo sent out a kick and Lu Ming Xu went flying.


The disciples from the Blue Jade Peak side all called out.

“He really is senior brother Taba, his attacks aren’t normal.”

“We’ve already won one, if we win another one, the northwest mine will belong to our Blue Jade Peak!”

The disciples whispered to each other, singing praises.

The three elders sitting in front all had dark looks.

Taba Ying Bo was the number two genius in the sect, only losing to Dongfang Bing Ya.  Although the other side had lost, it was just a normal disciple. The three geniuses, Jia Qiong, Fang Leng Qing, and Song Xiu Cheng hadn’t made a move yet.

This competition……was over!

“Leng Qing, go and exchange a few moves.”  Li Peng Pu didn’t have any disappointment on his face, like everything was as he had suspected.


Fang Leng Qing agreed.  She stood up and floated onto the stage.

“Mingyue Sect, Fang Leng Qing.  Please give me guidance.”


When Fang Leng Qing finished, her sword fell out of her hand and pierced at Taba Ying Bo.

The two exchanged moves.  Based on their sword art and cultivation technique, the two were evenly matched.

Fang Leng Qing looked at Taba Ying Bo and a smile of disdain appeared on her lips.

The sword in her hand began moving faster, as her other hand went into her sleeve and a faint light appeared.

Taba Ying Bo used a slash to avoid Fang Leng Qing’s blade and wanted to approach.

Fang Leng Qing’s smile became bigger as she sent out a palm.  There was a spiritual flame that was sent out of her palm.


Taba Ying Bo was stunned by this and Fang Leng Qing followed with a roundhouse kick, sending Taba Ying Bo flying off the stage.

When he landed off the stage, there were many charred spots on Taba Ying Bo’s body.

“Alchemist!”  The fourth elder’s old eyes looked at Fang Leng Qing, coldly spitting out this word.

Only alchemists could freely used spiritual energy flames.  This one move from Fang Leng Qing was like announcing her other identity.

“It seems like you need to make a move later.”  Bai Jin Yi looked at Taba Ying Bo who had just lost.  On the Blue Jade Peak side, the ones that had the strength to fight in the younger generation was only Dongfang Bing Ya.

“Blue Jade Peak, Dongfang Bing Ya.  Please give me guidance” Dongfang Bing Ya slowly walked onto stage.

“Blue Jade Peak’s number one genius, one of the Ice Mist Country’s Ten Geniuses.  Xiu Cheng.” Li Peng Pu looked down and played with the jade fan in his hand, speaking without even looking up.

“Yes, master.”  Song Xiu Cheng looked over Dongfang Bing Ya’s figure and licked his lips.

“Mingyue Sect, Song Xiu Cheng.”

Dongfang Bing Ya saw Song Xiu Cheng’s eyes and her face turned cold.  The sword in her hand flew out.

Seeing Dongfang Bing Ya’s movements, Ye Yu Xi secretly gave a slight nod.  In the past few days, Bing Ya would frequently train with her. In terms of her cultivation, it had increased quite a bit.

Song Xiu Cheng’s eyes filled with lust suddenly became sharp.  There was a flash of light in his hand as a wide edged blade appeared in his hand.

He raised it and slashed.

Song Xiu Cheng’s cultivation technique was much more wild than Dongfang Bing Ya’s, even though Dongfang Bing Ya was releasing more killing intent than him.

But Dongfang Bing Ya was not Ye Yu Xi, the killing intent around her was far from enough from affecting the other side’s heart.

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