Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 552

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Chapter 552: Spirit Subduing Bug (Part 2)


There was an air bubble that came from the cross cut wound.  Once it met the air, the air bubble popped and a white bug wiggled out of the wound.


The suction force from Ye Yu Xi’s hand became stronger, directly pulling that rice grain sized white bug into her palm.


Her Beast Flames came out of her hands.

The Spirit Subduing Bug in Ye Yu Xi’s palm was slowly burned by the Beast Flame.  It actually didn’t immediately turn into ashes and kept squirming in the flame, like it was trying to escape the Beast Flame.

“No wonder even boiling water can’t kill this bug, such strong vitality.”

After a full minute, the bug gradually stopped moving as it turned into ash bit by bit.

The Spirit Subduing Bug had already been pulled out, so now there was only the spiritual energy left inside the sect master’s body.  As long as that spiritual energy was taken care off, in less than two days, Bing Ya’s master would wake up.

Ye Yu Xi was looking at Bing Ya’s master, considering if she should make a move, but Bai Jin Yi’s hand tapped Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over at him.

Bai Jin Yi was slowly shaking his head as he pointed outside.

Without waiting for Ye Yu Xi’s agreement, he directly picked her up and they disappeared from the room.


When they returned to the room Bing Ya had prepared for them.

“What are you doing!”  Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes glared at Bai Jin Yi.

“You can’t wake her now, I feel that……”

“I’m talking about what happened when we came back!  Did you get my agreement!”

“I’ve already seen it.  Then again, weren’t you still wearing clothes just now.”  Bai Jin Yi’s lips curled into a smile with a trace of evil charm.

“Go back to your own room!”  Ye Yu Xi saw that Bai Jin Yi was acting like a rogue, so she directly sent him out.

Bai Jin Yi nodded.  They didn’t need to cultivate the «Exquisite Wonder Technique», so they didn’t need to be together for the night.

Bai Jin Yi directly walked out the door, but he turned back and walked in front of Ye Yu Xi.  That smile on his face had already disappeared.

He seriously looked into Ye Yu Xi’s eyes, “From now on, you can’t use your mental energy.  As long as it’s not life or death, you mustn’t use your mental energy for a period of time.”

“Un?  Why?” Ye Yu Xi saw this suddenly serious Bai Jin Yi and didn’t know how to respond for a while.

“There are some people that you can’t deal with now.  You are a genius, but the Purple Cloud Continent will never lack geniuses.  The only thing it lacks are environments and opportunities for geniuses to grow up.”  After Bai Jin Yi said this, he turned to leave.

When he came to the door, Bai Jin Yi’s body stopped again and he softly said, “Before you go to the Alchemist Academy, I hope you won’t be in danger.”

After saying this, he opened the door and walked out.

The Purple Cloud Continent never lacked geniuses.  The only thing it lacked was environments and opportunities for geniuses to grow.

If she didn’t remember incorrectly, this was Bai Jin Yi’s second time saying this.

Ye Yu Xi thought over these strange words.  She always felt that Bai Jin Yi was worried about something.  This worry was not worry from dealing with normal enemies, but rather the worry from dealing with a mortal or natural enemy.

The Qilin Horn appeared in her hand.

Ye Yu Xi sat on the bed and crossed her legs to cultivate.

Bits of silver light came out of the Qilin Horn and entered Ye Yu Xi’s body.

When Bai Jin Yi came out of Ye Yu Xi’s room, he didn’t head back to his own room.  He used his mental energy to look around him and seeing that no one was around, golden wings appeared on his back.

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