Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 526

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Chapter 526: Ye Yu Xi cheated (Part 3)

The spiritual energy in each person’s body was limited and there was a continuous use of spiritual flames here.  The spiritual energy of these people, even if they were in the fifth spiritual level or above, it was already good if they could last eight-ten hours.

These people moved to the side and all of the watched Ye Yu Xi.  There was jealousy and there was…..schadenfreude. For example, Fang Leng Qing and Song Lan Er.

They were cursing in their hearts thousands of times for that slut Ye Yu Xi to fall on her face.

Ye Yu Xi felt that the pill inside the cauldron had formed and her lips curled into a smile.

Her slender palms went to the walls of the cauldron, not fearing the heat of the flames at all.

A suction force came from Ye Yu Xi’s palm and the flame lotus at the bottom of the cauldron floated out before turning into a small turquoise flame.  It went along the walls of the cauldron before returning to Ye Yu Xi’s palm.

This scene stunned everyone who saw it!

Accurately speaking, it stunned the other alchemists.  Everyone knew how to refine pills and normally when they finished refining, the flames inside the cauldron would scatter by itself.

This was the first time they saw flames returning into the body!

Each flame was formed from spiritual energy and taking it back in, it would undoubtedly reduce the spiritual energy consumed.

The old man sitting in the stands gradually had a greedy look as he watched Ye Yu Xi’s back.  A beauty and the Hundred Flower Hands, she would definitely be a good cauldron.


Taking back the Beast Flame, Ye Yu Xi sent a palm at the cauldron and created a buzzing sound.


A thin purple figure flew into the sky while releasing a medicinal fragrance.

For a while, there was a faint medicinal fragrance on the field that aroused people and mesmerized them.

Ye Yu Xi took out one hand and activated her Dark Poison God’s Art, sending out a suction force from her palm.  That flying Purple Spirit Pill was pulled back to her hand.

 With a white jade bottle in her hand, the pill landed right into it.


It was unknown who called out first, but it brought a wave of emotional sighs.  This kind of refining, it was a pleasure to watch.


The seventh prince broke the armrest of his chair.  Although his face was considered quite calm, people could see the burning flames of rage and sinister intentions in the seventh prince’s eyes, “Ye Yu Xi, I never thought…..that even at this level, you could refine this kind of pill!”

Song Lan Er’s unkind eyes looked at Ye Yu Xi and her chest was heaving.  Although she wasn’t satisfied, she couldn’t say anything.

Fang Leng Qing looked at Ye Yu Xi’s back as she made a decision.  She had to report this matter to the sect as soon as possible!


Ye Yu Xi casually gave the refined Purple Spirit Pill to an outer yard student and had him take it to appraise the quality while she walked over to the stands.

In front of everyone, Ye Yu Xi walked to the stands and gave a slight nod to the third prince.

“Miss Ye, long time no see.  I’ve sent people to investigate where you were, I thought you had left the capital city.”  The third prince saw Ye Yu Xi and he was in a good mood.

“It’s an honour to have your highness’ worry.  From today onwards, Yu Xi needs to head out to train for a bit.  In these few months, your highness will not be able to find me.” Ye Yu Xi explained her intentions to the third prince.

“If miss Ye has something to take care of, go ahead.  I will take care of everything else for miss Ye.” The third prince said this while looking over at the seventh prince, but he saw the latter standing up and moving towards him.

“I’ll be heading out for training.  I will have the Feather Wing friends contact you.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a low voice.

“Young miss Ye only cares about your own training and doesn’t care about the lives of your sisters?”

The seventh prince came behind Ye Yu Xi, saying something very shocking!

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