Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: It’s the rules on there?

The seventh prince flapped his fan and looked at a young girl on the stage.

That girl was Fang Leng Qing.

Fang Leng Qing’s goal this time was to enter the Alchemist Academy.  The Mingyue Sect would send one person to participate every few years, to send them to the Alchemist Academy.

Fang Leng Qing was sweating bullets as she refined her pill, which was the most common first grade pill.

On the field, there were over twenty stations.

There were some that were a complete mess and some that were empty.

This was different from the previous alchemist test.  The material for the alchemist test was provided by the Alchemist Guild, but one had to bring their own materials for this Selection Meet.


Outside the field, there were several Alchemist Academy students standing guard by the entrance.

These students were the weakest outer yard students of the Alchemist Academy.  Although they were only outer yard students, they were considered geniuses when thrown into the Ice Mist Country.


With a gust of wind, there were two more people outside the entrance.

Bai Jin Yi let Ye Yu Xi in his embrace down and said to the two outer yard students by the entrance, “We’re here to participate in the Alchemist Selection Meet.”

“Go, go, go.  It’s already started for several hours, didn’t you read the rules.  If you are late, not a single person is allowed in.” An outer yard student impatiently pointed at a board to the side, with over ten different rules written on them.

“Rules?  The Alchemist Selection Meet shouldn’t have even started yet.  Why didn’t you mention these rules when you started ahead of time?”  Ye Yu Xi raised a brow. With Ye Yu Xi’s intelligence, how could she not know what was going on?

In this situation, it had to be the seventh prince!

“For a little Ice Mist Country, can it bring out talented people?  So what if you go in? The round has already started for over three overs and there is only an hour left before it’s over, do you really think you can refine any pills?”

That outer yard student looked at Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi with disdain.

“You’re saying the rules on here?”  Bai Jin Yi took a few steps back and came to the wooden board.

“Are you blind?  The first rule written on there, once the refining has begun, no one is allowed in.”  Another outer yard student looked down on them.


Bai Jin Yi broke the wooden board with a kick before walking back to Ye Yu Xi’s side and looking at the two outer yard students, “Is it fine now?”

“You, you actually looked down on the might of our academy!  I’ll cripple you!” The outer yard disciple near Bai Jin Yi rushed to attack him.


Gezhi, gezhi!

Bai Jin Yi’s hand went out as fast as lightning and grabbed that person’s neck.

The sounds of his palm contracting came from the neck of that outer yard student.

“Call out whoever is in charge.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice was very soft, but people couldn’t ignore it, “At most in one minute, otherwise he will die.”

Gezhi.  Bai Jin Yi’s hand began to use more force.

Another outer yard student saw that this was bad and ran off into the competition field.


Seeing that person was calling the person in charge, Bai Jin Yi flicked out with his hand.  That outer yard student that was held by the neck was thrown onto the ground and he held his neck as he gave strong coughs.

“Do you still remember the white jade token I gave you?  Give that jade token to me.” Bai Jin Yi watched that outer yard student run off as he thought about it a bit.

Jade token?

Ye Yu Xi thought about it before remembering.  When Bai Jin Yi left the first time, he had left two things for her.  One was the basic information scroll on alchemists and the other was a jade token.

But, what did Bai Jin Yi need this jade token now for?

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