Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: Enjoying the peak of bliss

“Exquisite technique, a magic technique with no superior.  Remember to cultivate from beginning to end…..”

Ye Yu Xi had just woken up when a majestic voice sounded from the vast expanse of green.

The voice gradually faded and the heaviness of Ye Yu Xi’s head gradually disappeared.

When she wanted to stand, there was suddenly an extra thing inside her mind!

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s expressions changed at the same time!

Taboo of the Exquisite Wonder Technique!

The Exquisite Wonder Technique needs to be cultivated to the end.  It needs to be cultivated each day, seven times a week, and it can’t be stopped within a week.  Otherwise, one’s meridians will degrade and their spiritual energy will weaken until their dantian collapses, making it hard them to keep their lives.

The taboo of the cultivation technique flashed in their minds at the same time, being even more serious than what Long Xiao Pang said before!

Although they had made their preparations…..When they personally saw the taboo, Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s hearts were both a bit shocked.

“Un?  You obtained clothes?”

Ye Yu Xi stood up and looked at Bai Jin Yi, seeing that he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t wearing anything, he was just wearing “flames”.  His golden Strange Flames kept flowing out to the surface of his body and blocked off the view.

Only, there wasn’t much golden flames and sometimes some skin was revealed.

Bai Jin Yi had a bitter smile as he indicated with his eyes for Ye Yu Xi to look at herself.

Ye Yu Xi looked down and instantly a blush spread to even her neck!

She was also wearing a layer of “flames”, but her flames were turquoise in colour.

Moreover……Ye Yu Xi could feel that.

The flames around her, perhaps it was the quality difference between Beast Flames and Strange Flames, but the quantity was less than half of the golden flames covering Bai Jin Yi’s body!

Although this turquoise Beast Flame kept moving across Ye Yu Xi’s body, covering it up.


Bai Jin Yi’s “many” golden flames couldn’t completely cover his entire body, so how could Ye Yu Xi’s bit of Beast Flames possibly cover herself?

Although the spring scenery was revealed, Bai Jin Yi wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it right now.

“This time…..I’m afraid we’re in a bit of trouble.”

“You!  Turn around!”

The two of them spoke at the same time.

Bai Jin Yi stood there without moving as he revealed a bitter smile, “Check your dantian.”

When Bai Jin Yi said this, Ye Yu Xi finally noticed that her dantian was a bit warm…..

Looking down, there was a turquoise flame mark that was faintly glowing on her abdomen.

This is……

Ye Yu Xi’s gaze changed.  She could feel that this flame mark was not normal!


When the two of them didn’t know how to proceed, the green surrounding them suddenly began to move.

After that, Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s bodies suddenly froze.  They couldn’t control themselves at all!

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes opened wide, looking at Bai Jin Yi with clear as water eyes.  As for Bai Jin Yi, his starry eyes were also looking at Ye Yu Xi.

The two of them could even see their reflections in each other’s eyes.

And……this reflection kept becoming bigger!


Their bodies were controlled by a strange power as they came together.

The flames around them no longer wrapped against a single person.  The gold and turquoise came together, wrapping both of them.

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful, wide eyes stared at Bai Jin Yi in front of her.  At this time, it wasn’t that Ye Yu Xi didn’t want to move…..Rather……she couldn’t even blink in this moment.

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