Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Fatty’s compromise

“Qing’er, did he speak yet?”  Ye Yu Xi was bored sitting there, so she strolled in two large circles, but did not find anywhere large amounts of materials could be hidden.  When she came back, she saw that Qing’er was still squatting down.

Qing’er grinned, “This fatty is truly stubborn, he refuses to talk.  How about we cut something off him and let him feel a bit of pain!” After saying this, Qing’er looked at the place between the fatty’s legs.  It was clear that was a mysterious and precious place.

The fatty that couldn’t stop laughing suddenly felt a chill run down his back.  Hearing Qing’er’s words, he felt like the sky was falling.

Ye Yu Xi couldn’t actually follow Qing’er’s method, this fatty had his use to keep around.  She looked at Qing’er who had been squatting the entire time and asked, “Are you tired?”

“I am.”  Qing’er honestly said.  How could she not be tired after squatting for two hours.

When the fatty heard Qing’er’s words, he said in his mind, “It’s finally over.  Damn, this was even worse than being cut with two blades.”

“This is for you to sit on.”  Saying this, Ye Yu Xi threw over a flat stone.

Qing’er laughed as she thanked her, “Thank you, young miss.”  She looked at the sweating fatty, “Elder sister is going keep playing with you, I will make sure you receive your punishment!”

Another burst of laughter echoed through the mountain.

“Stop, stop, I’ll talk…..”  The fatty’s head was leaning back and his voice was much weaker.

Qing’er had switched the grass in her hand several times.  It had been two hours, an entire two hours. The fatty in the tree had already passed out from laughing twice.

“It would be have been better if you spoke earlier, you made this lady waste so much effort.”  Qing’er muttered as her hand stopped moving.

The fatty was still smiling.  Not only did his stomach hurt from laughing for two hours, even his cheeks were hurting.  His entire body was like he had been fished out of the water and his clothes were soaked with sweat.  His fat face was a bit thinner.

“Those things are in my ring.”  The fatty’s voice was weak. He was certain that if he didn’t hand over the things today, he wouldn’t have a good ending.

Ye Yu Xi looked over at the fatty’s left hand and there was indeed a ring on his middle finger.  It looked like a normal iron ring, so it did not attract attention at all.

“Space Ring?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes revealed a faint strange light.

That Space Ring was the special storage item on the Purple Cloud Continent that was very expensive.  Even for an one cubic meter space, it would still be worth several tens of thousands of gold coins. There were only two-three in the entire Ningyuan City, she never thought that this fatty had such a precious item.

Qing’er reached out for the fatty’s ring, but it was like the ring was a part of the fatty’s hand and she couldn’t take it off at all.

“Don’t bother.  There is a spiritual energy imprint on it and no one else will be able to take it off.”  The fatty’s face had a look of pride. It was very normal for people from this small place to not have seen a Space Ring before.

“You’re certain?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty’s finger.

“Let’s make this trade.  I’ll return your herbs and you let me go, how about it?”  The fatty looked at Ye Yu Xi and gave his condition.

“In your dream.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly spat out.  Her face quickly changed and became incomparably sharp.  She said to Qing’er, “Press down his hand and if you can’t hold his finger, we’ll just take his hand.”

“Alright!”  The fatty was tied up, so he could not hide even if wanted to.  His hand was completely pressed down against the tree by Qing’er.

The dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hand suddenly slashed at the fatty’s wrist.

“I’ll give it to you!”  When Ye Yu Xi’s dagger fell, the fatty’s voice rang out.  He could not lose his hand, he still had many important things to do.

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