Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 501

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Chapter 501: Storm in the capital city (Part 2)

Peng, peng, peng!

Anxious knocking sounded on the door.

“Who is it!”  Jia Qiong raised one brow.  She waved her hand to let Sima Xun retreat.

“Young miss, this is bad.  The fifth young master, he…..”  The voice of a servant came from outside.


Jia Qiong stood up and came out of the study with knitted brows, “Take me over for a look.”

They came to Jia Shi’s chambers.

There were two pharmacists taking Jia Shi’s pulse inside.


Jia Qiong rushed in.  Faced with these two alchemists who were older than her, there was no respect in her voice at all.

“Young miss.”  The two alchemist turned to see that it was Jia Qiong and they retreated to the side.

Jia Qiong didn’t understand medicine, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t distinguish the severity of a wound.

She came to the side of Jia Shi’s bed.  Jia Shi lying on the bed had a purple and red face and both sides were swollen.

Jia Qiong placed her hand on Jia Shi’s wrist and sent her spiritual energy into him.

Could this bit of spiritual energy from Jia Qiong compare to Bai Jin Yi’s?  The spiritual energy had just entered Jia Shi’s body when it was reflected back.  Not only was the spiritual energy reflected back, even Jia Qiong’s palm was reflected off Jia Shi’s body.

“This is bad!  Shi’er had some strange spiritual energy within him!  Was young master Shi injured by someone today?” Jia Qiong looked at the servant behind her and asked him this with a scowl.

“This, this little one does not know.  This little one only knows that he went out with elder Li from the Spiritualist Guild in the morning.”  That servant honestly replied.

“Prepare the carriage!  Head to the Mingyue Sect!”

The Jia Manor’s people quickly prepared the carriage.  With Jia Qiong’s lead, they headed to the sect to cure Jia Shi.

In the royal palace, there were high grade alchemists.  Other than the capital city, there were also alchemists in the Alchemist Guild that could heal Jia Shi’s injuries.

But Jia Qiong knew that the Jia Manor’s power increasing lately made the royal family a bit fearful.  Also, the Mingyue Sect secretly fought the Alchemist Guild, so they might directly kill Jia Shi if she asked them to heal him.

Feeling helpless, Jia Qiong could only bring Jia Shi to the Mingyue Sect.  As for that «Hundred Flower Hands», they could only discuss it another time.


Inside the royal palace.

In the hidden underground room.

Elder Qiu and elder Pan were in the secret room, “enjoying” the virgin boys and girls.


Elder Qiu’s eyes popped open and a look of shock flashed in them!

“Old Qiu, what is it?”  Elder Pan noticed the strangeness with elder Qiu and also opened his eyes.

There was a flash of light in elder Qiu’s hand as he took out something from his Space Ring.

It was a jade token.  This jade token was filled with a gray fog.


When the jade token was taken out, it split into several pieces.  The gray fog inside the jade token scattered into the air.

The jade token shattered, there was only one possibility……The master of the jade token…..was dead!

“This, this, who is that strong!  They actually killed Ji Chao Yuan!”  Elder Pan’s eyes were filled with shock!

Ji Chao Yuan was the spy their sect had placed in the Ice Mist Country twenty years ago.  Although he wasn’t outstanding with the evil cultivation technique, he still had a deep understanding after all these years.

With Ji Chao Yuan’s seventh spiritual level strength and his cultivation technique, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage fighting someone in the eighth spiritual level.

But just now, the jade token representing Ji Chao Yuan had shattered!

“Call the seventh prince over for me!”

A sinister look flashed in elder Qiu’s triangular eyes.

A guard at the door responsible for watching them heard this and quickly ran off.

After a while, the seventh prince rushed over.

“Elder Qiu, calling me in the middle of the night, did something happen?”  The seventh prince wasn’t properly dressed and his hair was a mess. It was clear that he rushed over after jumping out of bed.

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