Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 474

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Chapter 474: Hundred Flower Hands (Part 2)

In the end, the other side’s mental energy caused him to vomit out blood.

“Yun’er, we’re going in.”

Li Fei Zhang said this to the curious girl beside him and ignored the Blood Enchantress members in front of him.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi saw Li Fei Zhang not far ahead of them and naturally recognized him.

That girl was one of the people from the Strange Treasure House.  It seemed like Jia Shi was no longer with them, it seemed like he went to find a place to heal himself.

“Yu Xi, it seems like quite a few forces have come today?”

Bai Jin Yi said to Ye Yu Xi in a small voice.  He looked at the horse carriages outside the Primary Martial Auction Hall, it seems like quite a few forces had come.

“Go, we’re heading in.”

Ye Yu Xi looked over Li Fei Zhang’s back.  She hadn’t had too much interaction with the Spiritualist Guild, but she couldn’t offend them.

“General, look.”

Ji Chao Yuan and three guards were all dressed in normal clothing.  They were on the second floor of a tea house not far from the entrance to the auction hall, watching everyone that went in.

One of the guards had sharp eyes and noticed Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi first.

Seeing the two black cloaked people enter the Primary Martial Auction Hall, Ji Chao Yuan’s face sunk as his eyes had a trace of killing intent, “Go, we’re also heading in.”


Inside the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

Dong, dong, dong!

There was a knock on an elegant door on the second floor.

“Come in.”  The person inside called out.

“Reporting to your highness, young miss Ye isn’t here yet, but……There are two people wearing black cloaks in the main hall.  It’s very likely they’re from Blood Enchantress. The two of them are currently sitting in the main hall on the first floor.”

A servant reported while standing at the door.

Black cloaks…..

“Your highness, it should be young miss Ye.  Do you want me to take a look?”

Mo Tian Chou stood up, looking at the third highness sitting at the desk.

The third highness leaned back and closed his eyes.  After a while, he waved his hand, “No need, young miss Ye has come while hiding her status, she should have other motives.  Just send people to watch them, pay attention to the forces miss Ye interacts with. There should be quite a few that come today.”


Mo Tian Chou left with the servant.

The third prince continued sitting in the chair with closed eyes.  On the table to the side, there were several open letters. Written on them was…..the newest news that spread through the city today!


In the main hall of the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s first floor.

It was very dim like most auction halls, with only the stage in front being illuminated.

The first floor was filled with normal seats and the second floor was filled with private rooms, specially prepared for some powers and families with influence.

Looking at the surrounding arrangement, this Primary Martial Auction Hall headquarters was much more luxurious than the auction hall in Ningyuan City.

“Our target is here.”

Bai Jin Yi sat beside Ye Yu Xi, leaning over to whisper into her ear.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned and looked at the entrance to the side.

The one coming in was Ji Chao Yuan.

Ji Chao Yuan looked over in Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s direction, but he didn’t make a move.  To the back left of those two, he found a place to sit down and watched their backs from the distance.

“Do you recognize him?”

Ye Yu Xi replied in a small voice.

“I don’t, but looking at that person’s aura, he should be in the seventh spiritual level.  He has rough skin that seems to be from being in the wind all year round. If my guess isn’t wrong, it should be that General Ji.”

Bai Jin Yi confidently said.

With Bai Jin Yi’s mental energy, there was no need to look.  As long as he used a general scan, he could tell the other side’s strength and general identity.

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