Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: Cultivation technique cultivated together (Part 3)

“Alright, I’ll come in the middle of the night when you’re asleep.”

Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile, as he gave his witty answer.

“You!  Scram if you have nothing to say.”

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes glared at him.  Since that night from before, Bai Jin Yi became more and more shameless with her!

Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes glowed with starlight in the night.  Not only did he not leave, he sat down on Ye Yu Xi’s bed and he began to speak, “Leaving if I have nothing, then it’s good I do have something.”

“What is it?”

Ye Yu Xi suppressed the ragee in her heart.  She had been busy all day, she never thought that she would have to argue with a rogue at night.


Bai Jin Yi’s figure swayed.  Even in the silence of the night, the pitch black darkness couldn’t affect Bai Jin Yi’s eyes at all.

In an instant, Bai Jin Yi appeared behind Ye Yu Xi.  A large pair of hands gently and skillfully held onto the waist.

“Un?  It seems bigger compared to before?”

Bai Jin Yi’s head came down and his chin fell onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.  His eyes fell onto the enticing twin peaks on Ye Yu Xi’s chest.


Ye Yu Xi’s reaction was just half a beat slower than Bai Jin Yi.

When Bai Jin YI spoke, Ye Yu Xi’s fist already came up.

With Ye Yu Xi’s short temper, daring to take liberties with this miss, it would be strange if you weren’t beaten to death!


Ye Yu Xi’s fist landed right on Bai Jin Yi’s face right away!

Un?  Something’s wrong!

A strange look appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  It seemed like her fist had landed on Bai Jin Yi’s forehead.

But that bastard was still looking at her with a smile.

Feeling it out, Ye Yu Xi found some clues.  Her fist was very close to Bai Jin Yi’s forehead, but there was a layer of mysterious power blocking it!

No matter how much force Ye Yu Xi’s used, her first couldn’t move forward at all.

“This is what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Bai Jin Yi reached out a hand and softly pulled down Ye Yu Xi’s fist stopped at his forehead.

“Are you interested?”

Bai Jin Yi’s voice had an upward inflection.

“Let me go!”

Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder shuddered and she escaped from Bai Jin Yi’s embrace.

She took several steps back before looking at Bai Jin Yi.

“Your little husband wants to talk about cultivating mental energy with you.”

Long Xiao Pang’s mature and childish voice rang out from behind Ye Yu Xi.

Looking at Long Xiao Pang, it seemed his mood was not bad today!

Hearing what Long Xiao Pang said, Ye Yu Xi forgot about Bai Jin Yi for a while as her attention was attracted.

“Un?  Didn’t you say that only certain cultivation techniques could cultivate mental energy?”

Ye Yu Xi asked this.  Ye Yu Xi still remembered what Long Xiao Pang said before.  The Zhuque Seal of the Four Great Seals could refine mental energy, but Long Xiao Pang didn’t know this seal.


Long Xiao Pang pointed behind Ye Yu Xi.  His meaning was that your little husband has a cultivation technique.

“I obtained a cultivation technique accidentally a few years ago, but……this cultivation technique requires a man and woman to cultivate together for it to raise one’s mental energy.  I had been looking for Shi Ying in the past few years, so I completely forgot about this cultivation technique.”

Bai Jin Yi explained this while a flash of light appeared in his hand.  A jade slip appeared in his palm which he threw to Ye Yu Xi.

“You have comprehended mental energy and there is a refined Beast Flame inside you.  This cultivation technique, you barely qualify to cultivate it.”

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