Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 433

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Chapter 433: Something is moving

Ye Yu Xi tightly hugged Bai Jin Yi.  Without knowing why, there were waves of spiritual energy that came from Bai Jin Yi that tried to push Ye Yu Xi away.

After Long Xiao Pang placed that drop of liquid in the water, with the heat of the water rising again, Ye Yu Xi’s body was no longer frozen.  All her senses became much sharper.

“Something’s wrong!  There’s something moving!”

Ye Yu Xi’s tightly closed eyes suddenly popped open and there was a strange look in her eyes!

Under Bai Jin Yi’s skin, there was a worm like thing moving around!

With each movement from the worm, Bai Jin Yi’s expression would distort.

“It’s awake!”

Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s voice, Long Xiao Pang shouted out and focused his mind.  He quickly ran behind Bai Jin Yi and his little hands were placed on the back of Bai Jin Yi’s neck as he said to Ye Yu Xi with a serious expression, “Little girl, the two worms are about to wake.  They will try to control your little husband’s body, so you have to hold on tight! Don’t let him move!”

Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod as she let Bai Jin Yi’s head lean against her bare shoulder.  Her hands were tightly linked behind Bai Jin Yi, as if she wanted their two bodies to become on.

“Listen to what I say later, I need you to use your mouth to pull one of the worms from his body into yours.  Once the Dark Snow Silkworms are separated, they no longer pose a threat.”

Long Xiao Pang felt the change in Bai Jin Yi’s body and warned Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi nodded as she remembered Long Xiao Pang said, but her brows began to knit together.

There was spiritual energy that kept coming out of Bai Jin Yi, that kept pushing Ye Yu Xi who was trying to hold Bai Jin Yi away.

Un humph!

Ye Yu Xi gave a grunt and her hand holding Bai Jin Yi slightly loosened.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold!

Hua la!

Waves appeared in the tub.  At this time, Ye Yu Xi couldn’t care about being embarrassed.

Her hands used more strength and Bai Jin Yi’s body was slightly lifted.  Her legs under the water wrapped around Bai Jin Yi’s waist, creating more splashing sounds.

Ye Yu Xi directly used all four limbs to hold on Bai Jin Yi’s body.

It was a good thing they were in water, it was a good thing…..This water was not see through, it had already turned verdant green.

Otherwise……With Ye Yu Xi’s current position…..

Even like this, Bai Jin Yi’s body was still restless.

“Little girl, use your Dark Poison God’s Art!  The Dark Snow Silkworms are about to mate! You have to swallow the female silkworm into your body before they can mate!”

Long Xiao Pang’s expression fell, the power of these Dark Snow Silkworms surpassed his expectations a bit!  Bai Jin Yi’s body was not controlled by them yet, but they already showed signs of mating inside his body!

Ye Yu Xi tossed back her hair.  Her eyes were as calm as before since with the experience last time, Ye Yu Xi’s actions were much more familiar compared to the “bath” last time.

Looking at Bai Jin Yi’s ice cold lips, Ye Yu Xi’s heart beat a bit faster.


Before Ye Yu Xi could use the Dark Poison God’s Art, Bai Jin Yi made a move first!

Bai Jin Yi’s upper body was being tightly held by Ye Yu Xi and he was suppressed by the surrounding seals, being unable to move at all, but Bai Jin Yi’s hands could still move!

Bai Jin Yi’s hand was hanging in front of him.  Under the control of the Dark Snow Silkworm, Bai Jin Yi’s hands first spasmed before they began to move.

Bai Jin Yi’s hand became more active, but the range of his hands were limited, only being able to move his wrist.

He grabbed out a few times, but only grabbing the water.  After several attempts, Bai Jin Yi’s hands began to move left and right!

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