Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 413

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Chapter 413: Not because of your great talent, but rather…..

Those alchemists mostly had eccentric personalities, so it wasn’t strange for them not to reveal their names.

“No problem, no problem.”  Ye Hui revealed a smile. Since the other side took the token, it meant the other side was already a part of the Alchemist Guild.

Ye Yu Xi noticed Ye Hui’s hesitant appearance.  It seem like they had not come forward just for her, but also for another reason.  She eloquently said, “Since the test is over, this little girl will be leaving first.”

Ye Hui nodded and made a hand gesture of letting her go.

Ye Yu Xi looked up at Bai Jin Yi on the second floor.  Bai Jin Yi gave a slight nod and brought Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing as he began to walk out.

Song Lan Er was still stuck in her shock, or it could be said it was one shock after another!

When she had passed her first grade alchemist test, she had ridiculed Ye Yu Xi in her ecstacy, but Ye Yu Xi then became a honorary elder of the Alchemist Guild in the blink of an eye!  Her position was much higher than her’s.

This huge gap……

Ye Yu Xi kept walking forward with her head down.  When she came beside Song Lan Er, Ye Yu Xi stopped moving and spoke in a voice only the two of them could hear.

“I ignored you not because of your great talent, but rather…..you’re not worthy!”

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi didn’t even look at Song Lan Er as she walked out the exit.

Ye Yu Xi’s words on one hand meant although Song Lan Er kept ridiculing her, with the tiny bit of power the Song Family had, it wasn’t enough to enter Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

On the other hand, Ye Yu Xi was talking about Bai Jin Yi!  She was too lazy to care about her, so with the mysterious power behind Bai Jin Yi, would they even spare a glance for Song Lan Er?

This Song Lan Er who should have shined infinitely bright because of Ye Yu Xi’s appearance and the importance Ye Hui placed on her, there was no one that cared about her.  Even if Ye Yu Xi left now, it didn’t matter because there was an even more important matter than attracted everyone’s gaze!

“Everyone!  The first grade alchemist test is already over, next is the second grade alchemist test.  The one taking the test this time is this one’s son, so I hope everyone will take care of him in the future.”  Ye Hui cupped his hands to everyone on the second floor.

The doors of the first floor opened and Ye Zhi Qiu came forward wearing a set of tight fitting training clothes, being filled with confidence!

Only this didn’t matter to Ye Yu Xi who had already left.

“That Ye Zhi Qiu is taking the second grade alchemist test.  Big sister Yu Xi, we’re not staying to watch?” Nangong Ying Xue followed behind Ye Yu Xi as she asked this.

“No need.  If we stay here, I will feel a bit strange.”  Ye Yu Xi replied with knit brows.

This kind of feeling…..It was like being watched by someone invisible.

And this kind of feeling, it seemed to have begun after she finished refining her pill!

As for what it was, Ye Yu Xi was not clear.

Bai Jin Yi also followed behind Ye Yu Xi, not saying a word.  No one noticed that Bai Jin Yi’s expression had already slightly changed, or rather it became a bit serious.


Inside the Alchemist Guild.

In the special seats on the second floor.

There was a cloaked person that appeared behind the seventh prince at an unknown time.

Only this person’s cloak was not the same black cloak as Ye Yu Xi’s group, but rather it was an ash grey cloak.

The surrounding people were all focused on Ye Zhi Qiu in the main hall, there wasn’t anyone who had noticed the extra person who had appeared.

“Your highness, Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation should be around the sixth or seventh spiritual level.”

The voice that came from that ash grey cloak was very cold, making people who heard it unable to stop a chill from running down their backs.

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