Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 412

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Chapter 412: This is inappropriate!


Ye Hui’s voice was very clear and everyone present heard what he said!

The discussion from the second floor became even louder!

It was actually a honorary elder!  Everyone’s eyes popped out. Most second grade alchemists in their forties and fifties weren’t qualified to become honorary elders of the Alchemist Guild.  A little girl who had just passed the first grade alchemist test, what qualification did she have?

Other than the various families and the royal family, there were quite a few alchemist watching.  Ye Hui’s actions instantly attracted the dissatisfaction of some people.

“Chairman Ye, what can this little girl do?  This matter is a bit inappropriate!”

Everyone heard this and turned to the origin of the sound.

The one speaking was an old man and looking at his clothes, it was someone from the Alchemist Guild.

A few sharp eyed family heads recognized this person.  This was the Alchemist Guild’s vice chairman, Jiang Feng Hua!

The third prince looked at the standing Jiang Feng Hua and thought: This Jiang Feng Hua is a bit closer to the seventh prince!  It’s said that Jiang Feng Hua’s relationship with chairman Ye isn’t good and it seems like it’s true!

Ye Hui looked over the vice chairman who spoke and a sharp look flashed in his eyes.  In the past few years, the Alchemist Guild’s merchants had been robbed and it was clear that there was a traitor within.

Ye Hui already suspected that Jiang Feng Hua was involved, but he could never find any evidence.

“Miss Ye, please lend me the pill in your hand.”  Ye Hui turned to Ye Yu Xi as he spoke.

Ye Yu Xi nodded as she gave the white jade bottle in her hand to him.  She didn’t recognize the old man speaking up to cause trouble for her, but it didn’t seem like he was just trying to cause trouble for her.

Ye Hui took the white jade bottle and felt the pill inside as his lips revealed a smile.


With a flick of Ye Hui’s hand, the white jade bottle in his palm suddenly flew at where Jiang Feng Hua was standing on the second floor.

“With the same recipe, cauldron, and materials, if you can find someone who can refine such a high quality pill among first grade alchemist, I would also give them this honorary elder identity!”

Ye Hui’s voice clearly rang through every corner of the hall.

Jiang Feng Hua raised his hand to catch the white jade bottle in his hand.  Hearing Ye Hui’s words, he opened the white jade bottle to take a look.

At the bottom of the bottle was a pill sitting there…..

Whether it was colour, fragrance, or size, it was all perfect!

Jiang Feng Hua looked at this pill and his heart filled with a bit of surprise.  Looking at this quality, only a second grade alchemist could refine something like this!

This little girl……

Jiang Feng Huan looked down at the first floor again.

Someone that could teach this kind of alchemist, that person’s grade was at least at the third grade or above!  It was even possible for them to be in the fourth grade!


After Ye Hui threw the white jade bottle to the second floor, he didn’t care about Jiang Feng Hua’s reaction.  His attention went back to Ye Yu Xi.

“Congratulations to miss Ye on passing.  I wonder, can miss Ye tell me the name of your master?”  Ye Hui began to explore Ye Yu Xi’s bottom line. He was speaking while handing over the honorary elder token.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t care about the honorary elder identity at all.  She looked over the thing in Ye Hui’s hand and felt it was a bit familiar, like she had seen it before.  She thought about it while reaching out to take it.

“Master has already admonished me, I’m not allowed to say his old name outside.  As for this…..” Ye Yu Xi had already thought about how to deal with questions from others about her master since last time in the registration area.

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