Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: I’ll go with you

Ye Yu Xi already had no problem refining grade on pills.  The only reason Ye Yu Xi was refining them was to refine some low grade grade one pills for the mercenaries to raise their cultivations with.

After all…..She had already offended the seventh prince and General Ji.  It was unknown when this bloody battle would come, so she should make some preparations first.

Of course, it wasn’t that Ye Yu Xi’s hard work didn’t have any effects.  With the help of the pills, of the mercenaries of the Feather Wing group, there were two-three of them that had already broken through to the fourth spiritual level.

Perhaps they recognized the use of Ye Yu Xi and these mercenaries began to change their attitude.  Gradually their hearts were subdued and they were even more courteous to Bai Jin Yi.


After cultivation for a night, Ye Yu Xi opened her eyes and let out a breath!

Today was the day of the Alchemist Guild’s test!  Only…..she didn’t know if there would be other changes later.


Ye Yu Xi opened the door and looked at the person in front of it in with a somewhat surprised look.

Bai Jin Yi was actually waiting outside her door.

Bai Jin Yi heard the sound of the door opening and turned around, revealing a faint smile with an evil charm, “Today is the test, I’ll go with you.”

If Bai Jin Yi wanted to come, Ye Yu Xi couldn’t reject him.  After eating a few simple things, she went to the Alchemist Guild in the city with Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing.

The four tied up their horses and walked to the Alchemist Guild.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to ride their horses, rather once they entered the capital, there were much more pedestrians.  It was impossible for their horses to keep moving forward, so it was more convenient to walk than to ride horses.

“This royal capital is not bad.”

Bai Jin Yi looked over the surrounding stores.  It was considered more prosperous, at least more so than Ningyuan City.

“Big sister Yu Xi, there are people following us.”  Nangong Ying Xue moved beside Ye Yu Xi and spoke in a small voice.

“It’s fine, let them follow.  It should be people from the seventh prince or General Ji’s manor.”  Ye Yu Xi naturally noticed the situation behind her, but so what?

“Move!  Move!”

While the four of them were “walking” through the streets, there was an arrogant voice that sounded from behind them.

Ye Yu Xi’s group wasn’t here to cause trouble this time.  Based on the principle of avoiding trouble, they moved to the side and opened the way.

After a few seconds, there was the sound of a horse carriage behind them.


The horse carriage had only gone by a few meters and there was a girl’s voice that came from the horse carriage.  She didn’t sound old, being around the same age as Ye Yu Xi.

The driver naturally didn’t dare go against his young miss, so he pulled on the reins and stop the horse carriage.

In front of Ye Yu Xi’s group of four, there was a girl that was around sixteen-seventeen that walked out and moved in front of Ye Yu Xi’s group.

This girl’s face was quite pretty, but there was a temper between her brows.  It could be said that she was an unruly young miss.

“Ye Yu Xi!  It really is you!”  That young miss angrily walked over with an arrogant look all over her face.

“I’ve heard a few days ago that you recovered your cultivation, but I never thought your luck is this good.  You actually came to the capital and found a little husband. What, with a bit of beauty, you became someone’s concubine?”  That girl spoke in a cold taunting voice, giggling to herself as she spoke.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the person in front of her with a strange look.  Her appearance was a bit familiar, but she couldn’t remember who she was.

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