Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: Thousand Hand Guanyin (Part 2)

“Three techniques?  You mean that the Hundred Flower Hands is one of the three techniques of the Thousand Hand Guanyin?”  Ye Yu Xi asked.

Bai Jin Yi nodded as his finger tapped the list, “Yes and no.  According to legends, the three techniques of the Thousand Hand Guanyin are the Hundred Flower Hands, the Thousand Sound Hands, and the Ten Thousand Buddha Hands.”

Ten Thousand Buddha Hands!

There was shock in Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue’s hearts.  If the Thousand Hand Guanyin name was just a coincidence, there was also the Ten Thousand Buddha Palm.  This buddha word was connected to the same person.

Could it be…..there was someone from earth who transmigrated here a thousand years ago!  Moreover they became a famous person on the Purple Cloud Continent!

“When the Thousand Hand Guanyin faced someone, they only saw the Thousand Hand Guanyin’s Thousand Sound Hands before they were defeated.  It’s said that only the alchemy maniac, the Medicine Demon has seen the Thousand Hand Guanyin use the Ten Thousand Buddha Hands. As for others…..they’ve only heard of it before and had never seen it before.  Of course, as for whether the Medicine Demon has fought the Thousand Hand Guanyin before, that is only a rumour.”

Bai Jin Yi finally finished the story that wasn’t too long and looked up at Ye Yu Xi.

“This Hundred Flower Hands, it is one of the famous secret techniques of the Thousand Hand Guanyin, but…..”

“But what?”  Ye Yu Xi’s paid attention to this.  After all, this could be something from her “home”, so even if it was useless, she was planning on buying it.

“But this Hundred Flower Hands is hard to cultivate.  Even if one could cultivate it, it is a kind of alchemist hand technique, so only alchemists can use it.  Normal cultivators can’t use this technique at all.” Bai Jin Yi gave the final information on the Hundred Flower Hands.

“Oh, this means that it doesn’t have any attack power at all?”  Ye Yu Xi tried asking.

Bai Jin Yi nodded.  The Purple Cloud Continent worshipped experts, so a hand technique that had no attack and took a long time to practice was definitely not something people paid attention to.

Even if…..this «Hundred Flower Hands» was something left by an expert from a thousand years ago.

Ye Yu Xi considered this a bit.  Her shock gradually disappeared and she slowly moved through the information Bai Jin Yi had given her.

Her lips curled into a smile and she directly said, “It seems like this Hundred Flower Hands is something that has been studied by countless people.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t have appeared in a place like the Ice Mist Country.”

Ye Yu Xi had a reason for saying this.  This was because…..whether it came from Long Xiao Pang or Bai Jin Yi, she could pretty much tell that this Ice Mist Country to the Purple Cloud Continent was only a tiny and remote place.

Then since Bai Jin Yi knew where this Hundred Flower Hands came from and his tone just now, it meant he had no expectation towards this Hundred Flower Hands and was just a bit surprised.

Just from this point, Bai Jin Yi should know or have even cultivated the Hundred Flower Hands.

Otherwise, Bai Jin Yi wouldn’t have this kind of reaction!

“You’re very smart!”  Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi with a gaze of praise, not hiding anything.

“In these hundreds of years, any force in the Central Plains with a bit of influence have sent people to cultivate this Hundred Flower Hands.  This Hundred Flower Hands doesn’t have any secret anymore and have appeared quite a few times in the auction halls of the Central Plains. It is also because of this that it would appear in a remote place like this.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She didn’t reveal it, but she had already made her decision in her heart.


After this, Ye Yu Xi had Nangong Ying Xue send some watchers into the city while she spent the remaining time refining pills.

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