Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: Hey!  Gigolo

Long Xiao Pang said this and turned his head to Bai Jin Yi to shout, “Hey!  Gigolo.”


The remaining bit of congee in Bai Jin Yi’s mouth was completely spat out.

Gigolo…..What kind of address was this……

Long Xiao Pang saw Bai Jin Yi’s actions and patted his chest as if he had been shocked.

Long Xiao Pang though: It was a good thing I was sitting on the side, avoiding it all!  Last time it was Ye Yu Xi spitting water and Huo Ling spitting fire, these are all things Long Xiao Pang remembered!

“Eh…..I’ll call you Xiao Bai from now on since you are surnamed Bai anyway.”  Long Xiao Pang felt that calling him gigolo was a bit ambiguous.

[TL Note: Gigolo is 小白脸 while Xiao Bai is 小白.]

Bai Jin Yi nodded.  At least Xiao Bai was much better than gigolo.

“Then, Xiao Bai, since you’re here, I’ll leave things to you.  You’ll be the one in charge of teaching the little girl alchemy.”  Long Xiao Pang sat up and delegated this duty.

Bai Jin Yi nodded and continued to lower his head to drink his congee.


In the remaining time, Ye Yu Xi found a stone room to use to refine pills.  Under Bai Jin Yi’s “supervision”, she was sweating bullets as she refined pills.

As for the matter of the shared bath, both of them had a tacit understanding to forget this matter.  At least that’s what Ye Yu Xi thought, but it was unknown if Bai Jin Yi could forget that soft touch.

“Bai Jin Yi, let me ask you something.”  After a cauldron of first grade pills were done refining, Ye Yu Xi took back her Beast Flame and turned her unkind eyes to look at Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi on the side with closed eyes felt Ye Yu Xi’s unkind eyes and sat up.  There was a flash of light in his eyes and he had a bright smile, “What is it, did you finish today’s goals already?”

“Let me ask you, how many grades are there to cauldrons?”  Ye Yu Xi asked this word for word.

Bai Jin Yi smartly chose not to reply immediately and looked at the copper cauldron behind Ye Yu Xi.  Thinking about it, he remembered that Ye Yu Xi had used a bronze cauldron in the past!

“Cauldrons are split into gold, silver, copper, and bronze grades.”  Bai Jin Yi said this and without giving Ye Yu Xi a chance to question him, he explained, “The bronze cauldron is the lowest grade, but beginning with a bronze cauldron, one can hone their alchemy skills!”

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes narrowed.  Ye Yu Xi didn’t believe Bai Jin Yi’s evasive words at all!

Dong, dong, dong!

Ye Yu Xi didn’t have a chance to say a word when knocks sounded on the door.

“Young miss Ye, there is a guest here and the leader asks you to come to the main hall!”

A mercenary reported standing outside the door.

Ye Yu Xi put  away the cauldron and glared at Bai Jin Yi before turning to leave.

Bai Jin Yi watched Ye Yu Xi leave and revealed a faint smile.  To be honest, Bai Jin Yi never expected Ye Yu Xi’s skills in alchemy to grow this quickly.

From the skills Bai Jin YI had just observed, Ye Yu XI could already refine third grade pills.

Shaking his head, Bai Jin Yi followed Ye Yu Xi to the main hall with small steps.

“Miss Nangong is joking.  With young miss Ye’s strength, she naturally could block it.”

“We still have to ask the third highness and young master Mo to take care of us.”

Ye Yu Xi hadn’t even walked into the hall and she heard voices coming out of it.

“Un?  Why are they here?”  Ye Yu Xi asked in her heart.  Hearing the voice, it seemed to be Mo Tian Chou in the hall.  There were still several days before the Primary Martial Auction Hall, but he was here now…..

With her doubts, Ye Yu Xi walked into the hall.

“Young miss Ye, we waited a long time, but you’re finally here.”  Mo Tian Chou saw Ye Yu Xi walked in and greeted her with cupped hands.

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