Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: “Bird” who understands etiquette

“Eh…..Don’t you have herbs to eat?”  Long Xiao Pang asked back. Long Xiao Pang’s pocket was a spatial item, it was like a Space Ring.  Over these few thousand years, he had gathered quite a few good things.

“Humph!  You ate roasted rabbits at first, aren’t you eating lamb meat now!  It’s a good thing I’m good to you. When you stole my herb, this treasure didn’t look for you.”  Huo Ling generously brought up an old matter.

Long Xiao Pang was speechless in his heart…..You didn’t look for me…..You clearly chased me down……

Long Xiao Pang even clearly remembered it.  Back when he took one herb from Huo Ling, he was chased around the chaotic space by Huo Ling for a while until Huo Ling was too tired to chase him any longer.

“Forget it.  Giving your master some face, I’ll give you one.”  Long Xiao Pang dug around in his pocket before taking out another Flame Lotus.

“I’ll be clear, this is the last one.  I won’t have anymore after you eat this one!”  Long Xiao Pang cut Huo Ling’s future path off.

If Huo Ling was addicted to eating this, no matter how many he had, it wouldn’t be enough to match Huo Ling’s appetite.

Huo Ling caught the thing Long Xiao Pang threw over and held it in his slender white fingers as he looked it over.

“Humph, I suppose you won’t dare lie to this treasure!  This counts as sincere enough this time.” Huo Ling looked at the thing in his hand and seeing that it had the same feeling as the thing Long Xiao Pang gave Bai Jin Yi, he nodded in satisfaction.

But Huo Ling was a “bird” that understood etiquette.  Looking at the Flame Lotus in his hand, he felt a bit embarrassed blatantly wanting things from Long Xiao Pang…..

Thinking about it, Huo Ling stuck out his little stomach as he walked beside a pile of herbs, finding one that had a decent taste to it.

“Here, this is for you.”  Huo Ling placed the herb in front of Long Xiao Pang.

“Ya?  I never thought that a little dumb bird like you would understand etiquette.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling. This was Huo Ling’s first time willingly giving him an herb.

Reaching out to take the herb from Huo Ling’s hand, as soon as he took it, Long Xiao Pang was filled with regret.

“Little human ginseng, I’ve returned your favour.  You treated me to a lotus and I treated you to an herb, we’re even now.”  After saying this, Huo Ling ran off holding his little belly.

Huo Ling’s mood was pretty good!  Hei, hei, this treasure has already returned the favour.

Long Xiao Pang: “……”

Long Xiao Pang was about to cry…..He was thinking, this isn’t the same thing…..

He had searched for over ten years to find those two Flame Lotuses, these herbs don’t have the same value!

Long Xiao Pang made up his mind, he would be more careful when making trades with Huo Ling!  

Huo Ling looked at the lotus in his hand and carefully examined it.  This lotus was entirely flame red and crystal clear, not having any impurities at all.  It looked much more delicious than the “hair” Long Xiao Pang had given him last time.


He opened his little beak and swallowed it in one bite!

In the next instant, Huo Ling’s body erupted with flames as he turned into a little bird.

This was different from the explosion of spiritual energy last time, this time Huo Ling felt amazing!

It wasn’t especially uncomfortable, but…..He didn’t know why, but his entire body was warm and itchy!

Huo Ling didn’t feel anything strange, but the one suffering was Ye Yu Xi……


In the room, Bai Jin Yi stood there looking at the thing in his hand.

“Truly a continental treasure, even something casually thrown out is a treasure of this level…..”

Bai Jin Yi looked at the Flame Lotus in his hand.  Whether it was the Flame Lotus’ colour or appearance, it all looked mature.

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