Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: Seven thousand years of virginity!


Long Xiao Pang’s heart filled with pain!  After knowing Huo Ling this long…..he found that he had such a good mouth!  If Long Xiao Pang knew that this would happen, he would have chosen to stay in the snake’s stomach and not come here!

Long Xiao Pang looked up and let out a long sigh!

He felt lucky in his heart.  It was a good thing there was no one else here, otherwise his seven thousand years of virginity!  If this was known by others…..This dragon master wouldn’t be able to keep my virtue!


Outside in the room, Ye Yu Xi was still helping Bai Jin Yi detoxify his poison.

But Ye Yu Xi was becoming more and more angry!

This bastard Bai Jin Yi was acting up again!

There was a hard thing touching her leg and it kept moving from time to time!

Bai Jin Yi’s hands had fallen onto Ye Yu Xi’s body at some unknown time and there was only a thin layer of cloth between the two of them.

Ye Yu Xi felt the change with Bai Jin Yi and wanted to move away to create more distance between them.  This current position……it was a bit embarrassing.


Ye Yu Xi found something strange when she wanted to move away from Bai Jin Yi.  Her tongue was still wrapped around Bai Jin Yi’s tongue and spiritual energy gradually entered Ye Yu Xi’s body from Bai Jin Yi’s tongue.

Only, when Ye Yu Xi wanted to separate, she couldn’t do it!  Not only could her tongue not separate, Ye Yu Xi found that she actually couldn’t move at all!

What was this situation?!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes popped open.

“Un humph!”

When Ye Yu Xi was shocked, Bai Jin Yi groaned and slightly knit his brows.

Bai Jin Yi’s tongue and lips had been ice cold, but once he gave a moan, his tongue began to recover its temperature.

Ye Yu Xi could feel the change with Bai Jin Yi’s tongue and that strange feeling became even stronger.  She couldn’t move at all and there was a numb feeling running through her.

The only think Ye Yu Xi could do now was blink……Or she could breathe faster.

After a while, Bai Jin Yi was back to a normal person’s temperature.


Ye Yu Xi could feel that the thing from Bai Jin Yi on her legs became a bit bigger and it seemed to be raising its head!

What Ye Yu Xi didn’t know was that in order to wake up Bai Jin Yi’s body quicker and to make his spiritual energy cycle faster, Long Xiao Pang had added two auxiliary herbs into the liquid.

These two herbs on their own were just normal herbs, but when they were placed together and heated with hot water, it would produce a slight aphrodisiac effect.  Of course this effect wasn’t very strong, it was just a little bit.

So Bai Jin Yi’s body had this kind of reaction.

Bai Jin Yi had been groggy the entire time since he fell unconscious.

Without knowing how long passed, Bai Jin Yi felt a warm feeling in his body and that warmth gradually increased.

Gradually, Bai Jin Yi woke up.

Ye Yu Xi at this time already couldn’t feel her body.  Ye Yu Xi could no longer control her own body.

Hu!  Hu!

Bai Jin Yi’s breathing unconsciously became a bit more chaotic, which was a sign of waking up.  The groggy Bai Jin Yi felt like something was pressed on his lips and he subconsciously pushed on it with his tongue.

Ye Yu Xi’s body was no longer under her control, but it wasn’t stiff.  Bai Jin Yi’s tongue came out and entered another warm place.

Ye Yu Xi’s heart was filled with “hate” right now!

This bastard Bai Jin Yi, he was actually sticking his tongue into her mouth and stirring up trouble!

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