Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: Can you not become smart at this time

In the chaotic space.

Huo Ling had been eating herbs for an hour before finally feeling that he had ate enough and patted his stomach.

Looking around, Long Xiao Pang was still kicking his legs back and forth as he had a smile on his face.

Huo Ling ignored Long Xiao Pang and left the chaotic space alone.

He appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.  Seeing the scene in front of him, Huo Ling’s feathers instantly blew up!


Huo Ling drilled back into the space.

“Un?  Little dumb bird, you went out not that long ago, why are you back already?”  Long Xiao Pang opened his eyes.

“Little human ginseng, little human ginseng, it’s incredible!  Bai Jin Yi is back!” Huo Ling turned into his little boy form, shouting as he described what he just saw.

“Un, I know, he came back a long time ago.  What did you see?” Long Xiao Pang had an expectant look.

Huo Ling blinked his large eyes while thinking in his heart: Came back a long time ago…..Why didn’t I know…..Wu…..I was eating just now……

“Wu, master, master’s lips were touching Bai Jin Yi’s lips.  Long Xiao Pang, what were they doing?” Huo Ling remembered the scene he just saw and couldn’t understand why his master would do that.  Seeing that appearance, it looked like Bai Jin Yi was being forced……

“This…..”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling’s innocent appearance and felt a little conflicted.  This child Huo Ling was a bit simple!

“This, your master was detoxifying Bai Jin Yi’s poison!”  Long Xiao Pang found an excuse that seemed perfect, but this was also a fact.

Huo Ling gave an “oh” sound before turning to leave.  After turning half way and thinking it through, he looked back at Long Xiao Pang, “This is wrong!  Little human ginseng, you’re tricking me again! Master knows how to refine medicine, so just refining medicine is enough to detoxify the poison!”

Long Xiao Pang patted his head and thought: Can you become smart another time……Explaining this is a bit awkward!

“Un…..This situation is a bit special, your master can’t refine that high of a level of a pill.”  Long Xiao Pang continued to explain.

Huo Ling still didn’t really believe it and glared at Long Xiao Pang with his large eyes.

“I’m speaking the truth!  This is beneficial for your master!  Bai Jin Yi has very pure spiritual energy and if your master absorbs it, she will become stronger.”

“You mean that by touching lips like this, it can raise one’s spiritual energy cultivation?”  Huo Ling blinked his large eyes. Huo Ling only understood half of what Long Xiao Pang said and he was thinking about something in his heart.

Long Xiao Pang thought about it before nodding, “It can just be explained by this.”  Long Xiao Pang didn’t want to keep explaining to Huo Ling. With Huo Ling’s understanding capabilities, he could keep asking until the sun rose.

After saying this, Long Xiao Pang saw Huo Ling mulling over something……

Long Xiao Pang narrowed his little eyes and his heart trembled a bit…..Even his voice was a bit trembling.  He asked Huo Ling in a small voice, “Little dumb bird, what are you thinking……”

Huo Ling pouted out his little lips and said in a cute voice, “Little human ginseng, how about we touch lips?  This treasure feels that this cultivation method isn’t tiresome and it can raise my cultivation.”

Long Xiao Pang……Ten thousand “grasses” flew out at the ancient Divine Beasts in his heart!  He thought, little dumb bird, this was not the same thing……

[TL Note: Grass mud horse joke]

Taking a deep breath, Long Xiao Pang had a dark face as he rejected him, “Little dumb bird, I am a male!”

Huo Ling blinked his little eyes as he looked at Long Xiao Pang and looked back at himself.  He replied in a cute voice, “What about it? I’m also a male~~”

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