Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Scared you can’t do it!

Ye Yu Xi used her tongue to explore Bai Jin Yi’s mouth.  Bai Jin Yi’s lips were very cold, not having any warmth at all.

Ye Yu Xi knew that this was a symptom of heat loss from Bai Jin Yi’s body.  Her tongue wrapped around Bai Jin Yi’s tongue and Ye Yu Xi activated the Dark Poison God’s Art.

An absorbing power gradually came from Ye Yu Xi’s tongue and went into Bai Jin Yi’s tongue.

Bai Jin Yi gave a soft groan.  The spiritual energy inside him seemed to have found a hole and they gradually gathered towards his tongue.

The instant their tongues met, Ye Yu Xi’s brows slightly narrowed.

There was a numbing feeling…..This did not come from them touching bodies, but rather it was spiritual energy!

In the next instant, traces of wild spiritual energy went into Ye Yu Xi’s chest from her tongue.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were opened the entire time as she watched Bai Jin Yi’s face.  Ye Yu Xi was a bit afraid that Bai Jin Yi would wake up now, this kind of appearance……

After this keeping this position for a while, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes suddenly popped out!

Just now…..Just now Bai Jin Yi’s tongue had moved!

Was this what Long Xiao Pang meant by waking his body……

Ye Yu Xi thought this while paying attention to Bai Jin Yi’s condition.  As long as Bai Jin Yi showed signs of waking, she would immediately jump out and put on her clothes!

But it was a good thing only Bai Jin Yi’s tongue moved and he didn’t wake up.

Ye Yu Xi’s meridians swallowed the traces of wild spiritual energy bit by bit.  This spiritual energy was completely different from any spiritual energy she had met before, it was wild, while also being very pure.  Compared to Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy it could only be at a higher grade, only being stronger and not weaker!

Ye Yu Xi could feel that just by swallowing a bit, her own strength had increased by a bit.

Ye Yu Xi was thinking about this and Bai Jin Yi’s tongue moved again.  It could be said that…..it pressed down on Ye Yu Xi’s tongue.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t feel anything in the beginning, but once Bai Jin Yi’s tongue moved, Ye Yu Xi felt something was different.  Her heart unconsciously became a bit faster.

The numbness in her tongue became more clear and her breathing became a bit faster.

Her Dark Poison God’s Art began to cycle faster and Ye Yu Xi gradually began to swallow more from her tongue.

If Long Xiao Pang was here, he would definitely notice that the spiritual energy Ye Yu Xi swallowed at the beginning was red, the same colour as the bloody hand print.  But just now, inside the spiritual energy Ye Yu Xi was swallowing, there was a trace of gold.

Gradually, Bai Jin Yi’s tongue began to move more and this made it hard for Ye Yu Xi.  It was already hard for Ye Yu Xi to cycle her cultivation technique, but now she had to resist the strange feeling coming from her tongue.

As the “contact” between the two of them became longer, Bai Jin Yi’s breathing gradually became heavier.  At first Bai Jin Yi’s breath was almost non-existent, like it would cut off at any moment, but now Bai Jin Yi’s breathing was like a sleeping infant’s and it was gradually returning to normal.


Ye Yu Xi’s eyes became wider again!

That bastard Bai Jin Yi.  This bastard’s tongue was becoming even worse, exploring around in her mouth.

Ye Yu Xi’s breathing became even faster and there was a trace of anger in her beautiful eyes.  This miss was good hearted enough to save you!

Ye Yu Xi’s heart was filled with anger.  I just don’t have any experience! You think I’m really afraid of you!

While being filled with “anger”, Ye Yu Xi began to “counterattack”.  Not to mention if you’re asleep, even if you’re away, this miss will not let you gain the upper hand!

Ye Yu Xi adjusted her position and her hands holding Bai Jin Yi used a bit more force.

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