Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Teaching Ji Wu Liang (Part 3)

“Acting mysterious!”  Instructor Wang spat out and charged at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at him.  This Instructor Wang’s hand lit up with a spiritual light.  It seemed like he trained in hand martial arts, but his movement techniques were superficial and his basics were far lacking.

Stretching her neck, Ye Yu Xi watched Instructors Wang’s palm without moving as they approached her.

Suddenly, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes changed and she took a step forward, sending a kick out.


Instructor Wang’s arms could be long, but they couldn’t be longer than her legs.  In front of Instructor Wang’s shocked eyes, Ye Yu Xi’s kick landed on his chest.

Instructor Wang was already very fast, at least in the eyes of Ji Wu Liang and the guards.  However…..his speed flying back was even faster.

Hua la.

Instructor Wang slammed into the group and took down several guards.

“Charge!  Charge! Charge them all together!”  Instructor Wang struggled to stand up  and his vital energy surged up. He ordered the guards around him to charge.

With Instructor Wang’s orders, several dozen guards raised their weapons and roared as they charged Ye Yu Xi.

Shua, shua, shua!

Ye Yu Xi flew out and she was even too lazy to take out her Soul Devourer Blade.  These guards were only in the third spiritual level, they were no different from grass in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Turning into a shadow, she went around these people before Ye Yu Xi stopped in the center of the yard.

In just a few seconds, several dozen guards had fallen to the ground while pitifully clutching their stomachs.

“You, you, you dare disobey the government!”  Ji Wu Liang looked at the mysterious costume of the person in front.  That red mask on their face was especially terrifying, so he took two steps back in fear.

Ji Wu Liang took a deep breath and waved his hand as he called to the soldiers behind him, “All of you charge for me!  Take this person away!”


No one made a sound or rather, no one moved behind Ji Wu Liang.

Ji Wu Liang felt the strangeness behind him and turned around to take a look before his legs went soft.

There were several dozen guards behind Ji Wu Liang, but now…..Ye Yu Xi’s movements had been too terrifying.  When the soldiers behind him saw this, they were all scared out of the yard and now they were surrounding the yard.

It was as if they were afraid that mysterious person would come out.  However, when those soldiers retreated, not a single one called out to Ji Wu Liang.

“You, you, you.”  Ji Wu Liang turned back to look at Ye Yu Xi again.  Both his legs and his voice were shaking.

Ye Yu Xi deliberately changed her voice and gave two giggles that were quite penetrating.


Ye Yu Xi grabbed Ji Wu Liang’s weak shoulder and pulled Ji Wu Liang into the main hall.

“No, let, let go of me!”  Ji Wu Liang’s feet were completely soft and Ye Yu Xi dragged him over with his legs scraping across the ground.  He kept wailing out, “Instructor Wang, save me, save me, save……Ah!”

Ji Wu Liang was thrown into the hall by Ye Yu Xi and the door was slammed with a guang dang sound.  Following that, there was Ji Wu Liang’s pitiful cries coming from inside the hall.

“Instructor Wang, what should we do?”

“Young master Ji was dragged in, should we charge in?”  A guard looked at the hall and hesitated for a bit since his young master was inside.

“Are you a fool!  The other side showed mercy, otherwise we would all be dead.  Do you not see our brothers lying there on the ground! Do you also want to also be lying on the ground?”  Instructor Wang slapped that guard.

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