Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: Teaching Ji Wu Liang (Part 4)

“Ji Wu Liang has done many wicked things over the years and now he is receiving his retribution, this is good!”

Under Instructor Wang’s lead, the soldiers surrounding the yard didn’t move.  In his thoughts, there was even a bit of gloating.


Inside the hall.

Ji Wu Liang was kneeling on the ground with a face covered in tears.

Ye Yu Xi, Nangong Ying Xue, and Mu Xue Qing were surrounding Ji Wu Liang.

With Ye Yu Xi interrogating Ji Wu Liang, Ying Xue on the side recorded all the crimes Ji Wu Liang had committed.

“Speak!  What other wicked things have you done.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at Ji Wu Liang.

“I, I, I raped the maid who served me.”  Ji Wu Liang’s eyes were filled with fear, he had suffered quite a bit.

Pa, pa!

When Ji Wu Liang answered a question, two slaps landed on his face.

“I’m not a human, I’m not a human!  Three seniors please let me go! Let me go!  I’m not human!”

Ji Wu Liang was this honest because he had been “taught a lesson” by Ye Yu Xi as soon as he was thrown in.

Ye Yu Xi sent spiritual energy into Ji Wu Liang’s body.  With the control of her mental energy, Ye Yu Xi made her spiritual energy create havoc in Ji Wu Liang’s meridians.

This move made Ji Wu Liang feel living was worse than death.  Ji Wu Liang’s cultivation was not high and his meridian were very weak, so with spiritual energy wreaking havoc inside, Ji Wu Liang was filled with pain.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Nangong Ying Xue and they locked gazes.  Even the matter of Ji Wu Liang stealing his father’s jade seal when he was young was even forced out.

It seemed like they wouldn’t learn anything else if they kept asking.

“Raise your head.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly said.

Ji Wu Liang unconsciously raised his head with a look that was already stiff.

“Remember this mask and this cloak.  Our name is Blood! Enchantress!” Ye Yu Xi said this word for word before raising her hand to chop the back of Ji Wu Liang’s neck.

Ji Wu Liang’s eyes rolled back and he fainted.

“Big sister Yu Xi, what do we do with this information?”  Nangong Ying Xue raised the papers in her hand. There were over three pages written and they were all filled with Ji Wu Liang’s misdeeds.

“After we return to the headquarters, send someone to bring this to the third prince.  Tell them that you were sent by Ye Yu Xi, the third prince will understand.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Ji Wu Liang under her foot, he was no different from a dead dog.  Although Ji Wu Liang was despicable, he still had his uses.

But letting him go like this was too easy on him.

Thinking about it, Ye Yu Xi raised her foot and stomped down three inches under his navel.

Like this, if Ji Wu Liang wanted to bully a commoner girl, he wouldn’t have the ability even if he had the mind.

“Big sister Yu Xi, General Ji might not be able to co-exist with us like this.”  Nangong Ying Xue had a faint smile as she watched Ye Yu Xi waste the root of Ji Wu Liang’s life.

Ji Wu Ye was already dead and if Ji Wu Liang lost the ability to reproduce…..It could be imagined what General Ji’s reaction would be.

“Humph, humph, doing all these wicked things, I can’t suppress my anger anymore.”  Ye Yu Xi blinked her beautiful eyes. She had already expected General Ji’s counterattack.

“Let’s go.”  Ye Yu Xi raised the fainted Ji Wu Liang with one hand and the three sisters walked out.

Outside the room.

Ji Wu Liang had been wailing the entire time and this sound was not something a human could give.  Gradually, the sound had stopped.

Those guards outside looked at each other with conflicted expressions.

Young master Ji…..He wouldn’t have really died inside, right……

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