Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 363

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Chapter 363: Teaching Ji Wu Liang (Part 2)

They kept talking without revealing anything as a servant ran in from the front yard.

“Old master, old master, young master Ji has brought people over!”  The servant ran in while shouting, looking very panicked.

“What are you panicking for!  Useless thing, isn’t it just young master Ji?  It isn’t like he hasn’t come here before.” Mu Ju put down his teacup and pretended to angrily reprimand him.

“No, old master, young master Ji isn’t here with a dowry, but rather he came here with guards.  He came with many, many city guards!” The servant was in a panic as he explained in a flustered voice.

Mu Ju’s lips quivered and he revealed a happy look, but he quickly hid it.  He pretended to panic as he said, “What? Why is it like this? Quickly bring me over to take a look!”

Mu Ju stood up from the chair and quickly followed the servant out of the main hall.

Mu Ju already had his plans in his heart.  With Ji Wu Liang’s personality, he would definitely make a move later.  If he remained here, he wouldn’t get away unharmed, so it was better to hide first.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three sat in their chairs and watched Mu Ju’s play without saying a thing.

Mu Ju followed the servant out and the hall became silent.

“A play is beginning, let’s also prepare.”  A flash of light appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s hand and three Blood Enchantress cloaks appeared on the table.

“It still feels good seeing this cloak.”

Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing gave emotional sighs as they took a cloak each and covered their bodies.

“That’s right, big sister Yu Xi, should we also wear these masks?”  Nangong Ying Xue took out three masks from her Space Ring.

Nangong Ying Xue’s Space Ring was the only Space Ring the Feather Wing group had.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and placed a mask over her face.

The three sisters had similar builds.  Like this, if they didn’t speak, one would find it hard to tell the three of them apart.

Not long after they put everything on, there were footsteps in the courtyard and there seemed to be quite a few people.

“Block the front and back of the Mu Manor for me.  You guys, come with me. I want to see who is supporting my Xue Qing.  Damn, they really are tired of living!”

Ji Wu Liang began shouting before even entering the yard, ordering his subordinates to surround these “robbers”.

In Ji Wu Liang’s eyes, Mu Xue Qing was already his woman.  He was called awake early this morning, being told that Mu Xue Qing had been trapped by someone in her own home.

How could Ji Wu Liang still sleep after hearing this?  He immediately called some of the guards of his manor and killed his way over.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three looked at each other and walked out together.

When the came out, they saw Ji Wu Liang rushing over with several guards.

“You are the robbers?”  Ji Wu Liang looked at the three cloaked people in front of him.

Ye Yu Xi was too lazy to deal with Ji Wu Liang and ignored him.

“Instructor Wang, catch these three sneaks for me.  This young master wants to see what kind of people they are!”  Ji Wu Liang waved his hand. Instructor Wang behind Ji Wu Liang rolled up his sleeves and took a few steps forward.

“You better bring out young miss Mu, otherwise don’t blame me for being heartless!”  Instructor Wang was the guard instructor for the General Ji’s Manor, normally having a high status.  He was in the high fifth spiritual level and was considered a famous person in the capital.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the approaching Instructor Wang and her lips moved, “You want the person?  What is your status? Have your master personally come here!”

“Instructor Wang, what are you wasting words with her for!  Xue Qing is definitely inside, quickly waste her!” Ji Wu Liang stomped his foot behind Instructor Wang.  He did have some intelligence, not personally coming forward.

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