Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: What if Xue Qing doesn’t marry!

Mu Ju’s expression finally became a bit more natural and he spoke like an elder, “For the two misses to come this late, is there something urgent?”

Ye Yu Xi saw the change on Mu Ju’s face.  This person Mu Ju, he was a typical person who sat on the fence.

“Sir Mu’s decision on Xue Qing’s wedding, isn’t it a bit too sloppy?”

Ye Yu Xi looked over Hua Yu Chen standing on the side, causing the latter to shrink back.

Mu Ju’s triangular eyes blinked.  He had already prepared his words in his heart and he revealed an awkward look on his face.

“I won’t hide it from the two misses, I also have no choice.  Xue Qing is already at the age of marriage and if we don’t find a good family for her to marry into, how can I make it up to Xue Qing’s dead mother.  Although young master Ji Wu Liang is a bit naughty, he is still considered alright. At least as long as Xue Qing marries him, she won’t have to worry about anything for the rest of her life.  This is the heart of a parent, I am doing this for Xue Qing’s good.”

Mu Ju had a burst of emotions filled his face and his words seemed like he was speaking the truth.

“Humph!”  Nangong Ying Xue couldn’t listen any longer and gave a cold snort.  She turned to look out the door, she couldn’t stand Mu Ju’s ugly face any longer.

Ye Yu Xi heard Mu Ju’s words and a wave of disgust filled her heart.  This Mu Ju really didn’t want any face. He was clearly trying to climb onto the general’s manor’s side, but he coated it with grandeur and said it was for Xue Qing’s good.

“Like this, sir Mu is saying that you’re thinking about your daughter.  It’s not like outsiders saying that you’re marrying your daughter to the general’s manor to get on their side?”  Ye Yu Xi’s expression didn’t change, but she took off Mu Ju’s cover with these words.

“Xue Qing is still my daughter in the end, how could a parent not worry about their child?  Of course I am considering Xue Qing’s future.”

Mu Ju kept playing the emotions card, blinking while he was speaking like he wanted to let out tears.

Ye Yu Xi heard Mu Ju’s words and suddenly laughed, “He, he, then I want to ask sir Mu something.  Does sir Mu know about Ji Wu Liang’s drinking and gambling problems?”

“This, this…..”  Mu Ju was afraid Ye Yu Xi would mention this, after all, Ji Wu Liang’s behaviour was famous across the royal capital.

Mu Ju tried to explain, “He is just young, it’s hard to avoid having fun.  After Xue Qing marries him, naturally he will become more tamed.”

“What if Xue Qing won’t marry!”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice suddenly turned sharp.

For a while, even Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing were a bit surprised.  They didn’t know why Ye Yu Xi who had spoken nicely would suddenly change the tone of her voice.

“The one who wants to marry Xue Qing is General Ji’s son Ji Wu Liang.  With General Ji’s manor’s influence, even if I’m not willing, the other side can forcefully take Xue Qing away.  Like this, if we openly marry the other side, Xue Qing would at least gain some face!” Mu Ju’s expression changed.  He wanted to explode with anger, but thinking of the other side’s strength, he still chose to play the emotions card.


Ye Yu Xi suddenly broke several stone tiles and no one spoke for a while.

“Since sir Mu is saying this, then I’ll make it clear.  Ji Wu Liang is not worthy of Mu Xue Qing. Is sir Mu still planning on marrying your daughter!”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice became even sharper.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t have much patience to begin with, only because the other side was Xue Qing’s father in name did she say this much.

Mu Ju looked at the tiles under Ye Yu Xi’s feet and he some ideas of what Ye Yu Xi wanted.  He was an official, only being in the fourth spiritual level. At most he would deal with some citizens and those families with some backings wouldn’t place his identity in their eyes at all.

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