Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: Cheat you a bit

Thinking about it, Mu Ju honestly replied, “Even if I regret it now, it is already too late.  Ji Wu Liang has already sent a message and will come over with a gift in the morning, at that time……”

“I’ll come out and take care of it.  Only, sir Mu, don’t worry about anything!”  Ye Yu Xi said this and looked over at Hua Yu Chen on the side.

“No, no, everyone is doing this for Xue Qing, for Xue Qing.”  Mu Ju replied in an awkward voice.

“It’s good like this.  Since it’s like this, us sisters will take care of Xue Qing, we won’t disturb sir Mu’s rest.”

Ye Yu Xi had received the response she wanted.  Or perhaps Mu Ju was already forced into this.

Mu Ju smiled as he looked at Mu Xue Qing, but the latter completely ignored him.

“Sir Mu can return to your room to rest if there is nothing else, I have some things to say to Xue Qing.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Mu Ju sitting there without moving. She took over the role as the host and sent him off.

Mu Ju cupped his hand and walked out the door.

Hua Yu Chen on the side saw Mu Ju leaving and he began to move, wanting to follow him out.

“Hua Yu Chen, you stay!”  Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice rang out.

Hua Yu Chen’s feet already began to tremble.  Although he was in the high sixth spiritual level, faced with this girl who was younger than him by twenty years, he had no courage at all.

“Your, does your excellency still need something?”  Hua Yu Chen turned with difficulty, looking at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile and didn’t reply to Hua Yu Chen as she said to Mu Xue Qing to the side, “Xue Qing, go and tell your kitchen to prepare some food.”

Mu Xue Qing nodded and turned to leave.

“Hua Yu chen, you are in the high sixth spiritual level, so your position in the general’s manor shouldn’t be low.  Speak, what is your real goal in coming here?” Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned deep like they could penetrate through anything.

Hua Yu Chen heard this and his face fell.  He never thought that even with him acting arrogantly to hide his real plans, they were actually seen through by a little girl in her teens.

Ye Yu Xi noticed the change in Hua Yu Chen’s expression and her lips curled into a smile, “It seems like I gambled correctly.  A sixth spiritual level expert being sent to watch a fourth spiritual level girl, this doesn’t seem quite normal.”

Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s words, Hua Yu Chen knew that the other side had just tricked him.  He said in a trembling voice, “No, nothing. I just.”



Ye Yu Xi suddenly came out of the chair and turned into a shadow, attacking Hua Yu Chen’s arm.  She sent out another kick and sent Hua Yu falling back onto the ground.

Hua Yu Chen didn’t even have time to beg for mercy as his army was dislocated.  He could actually withstand it, revealing a bit of a soldier’s backbone.

Ye Yu Xi looked over Hua Yu Chen and coldly said, “I’ll give you one last chance.”

When Mu Xue Qing came back, an hour had already passed.  It was clear the chefs in the kitchen were already sleeping and were called awake by Xue Qing to cook food.

When Mu Xue Qing came in, she saw the scene inside the hall.

Hua Yu Chen who had been standing on the side was weakly lying on the ground with weak limbs lying to the side and even his eyes were a bit glossed over.

“Big sister Yu Xi, this is?”  Mu Xue Qing saw Hua Yu Chen’s appearance.  She had just left for a bit, how could Hua Yu Chen receive all this torture?

“I’ve already said everything I, I know.  Give me a quick death.” Hua Yu Chen was lying on the ground, speaking in a very weak voice.

Ye Yu Xi let out a long breath.  It was a good thing she tricked the other side, otherwise she would have let a large fish go.

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