Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: It isn’t suitable to stay here

“Since you’re here to talk, let’s go to the main hall.”  Mu Ju’s voice was dark as he looked over at Hua Yu Chen to the side with a deep look.

They came to the hall and the servants quickly lit the lamps and poured some tea.

When they came to the hall, Hua Yu Chen smartly cupped his hands to Ye Yu Xi and Mu Ju, speaking in a courteous voice, “Since lord Mu has something to discuss, an outsider like me shouldn’t stay here to listen.”

After saying this, Hua Yu Chen turned to leave.

“Stop!”  Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice rang out.

Hua Yu Chen suddenly stopped in front of the door.  Feeling stunned, he didn’t turn around as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and a layer of cold sweat covered his forehead, “Sen, senior.  I am an, an outsider. It’s not suitable, for me to stay here.”

Hua Yu Chen stuttered out these words and his hands were already tightly clenched.  He didn’t know why these girls came here today, but with that girl’s terrifying strength, Hua Yu Chen understood he couldn’t win.

Ye Yu Xi sat in the chair and didn’t speak.  Her mental energy had trapped Hua Yu Chen as she looked over at Mu Ju sitting in the main chair.

Hua Yu Chen felt no movement behind him, but the invisible force gave him a bit more pressure.  He clenched and released his hands a few times before finally making a decision. Taking a breath, he suddenly charged outside.

When Hua Yu Chen wanted to run, Ye Yu Xi also followed him.

She came out of the room like a ghost and instantly caught up to Hua Yu Chen.  She grabbed the back of his neck and like throwing a chicken, she easily threw his over a hundred pound body back into the main hall.


Hua Yu Chen’s large body slammed into the main hall and Mu Ju sitting in the main chair shrank back in fear.

“Like this, sir Mu should be able to relax and chat with me, right?”  Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile.

Only that smile in Mu Ju’s eyes was like the smile of death.


Hua Yu Chen who wanted to get back up suddenly felt Ye Yu Xi’s foot on his back, pressing him firmly on the ground.

“Hua Yu Chen?  If you’re good, I’ll leave your dog life!  Otherwise!” Ye Yu Xi added a bit more strength into her foot as she spoke.

Hua Yu Chen laid on the ground, gritting in pain as he pitifully said, “I’ll be good, I’ll be good.”

Ye Yu Xi raised her foot and kicked Hua Yu Chen to the side.  She turned to sit on the chair and coldly looked at Mu Ju sitting in the main seat.

Hua Yu Chen trembled as he moved to the side.  He looked at the door in fear, but he couldn’t raise the courage to “charge for the door”.

“Two, two misses, you should be my daughter’s friend.  Since we’re all family here, everyone can just speak frankly, we can be frank.”  Although Mu Ju was an official, he couldn’t figure out the mysterious feeling that came from Ye Yu Xi.  There was already sweat forming in the center of his palms.

Mu Ju knew that Hua Yu Chen lived on the battlefield.  Raising his power on the battlefield, but not being able to last two rounds under the other side’s hands, the strength of the girl in front of him……

Thinking of this, Mu Ju’s expression became even more sincere.  He was thinking: This girl might be from a large family, he couldn’t offend her.

“Sir Mu, this is our first time meeting.  It is as you say, Xue Qing indeed is our friend.”  Ye Yu Xi clarified the relationship between her and Xue Qing.

Hearing Ye Yu Xi confirm it, Mu Ju let out a sigh of relief.  With Xue Qing here today, would the two of them still kill him?

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