Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Can you take me over now?

Hua Yu Chen’s shoulder felt a sudden shock and he was slapped to the ground with a putong sound.

“Can you bring me over now?”  Ye Yu Xi was standing beside Hua Yu Chen, looking down at Hua Yu Chen on the ground and speaking in a cold voice.

“You, you!”  Hua Yu Chen was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.  With his strength, he had lost in a single hit?!


Ye Yu Xi stepped down and the stone tiles under her foot cracked.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi gave an un sound and her voice was unkind.  There was a killing intent that came out and it surrounded Hua Yu Chen lying on the ground by her feet.

Hua Yu Chen suddenly felt his body turn cold and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva as his heart was filled with fear, “Ye, yes.”

Ye Yu Xi’s killing intent scattered and she turned back to look at her sisters.  Things were progressing smoothly!

“What, what are you in a daze for!  Why aren’t you helping me up!” Hua Yu Chen was panting with anger as he shouted at a familiar looking guard to the side.  He couldn’t beat Ye Yu Xi, so Hua Yu Chen began to bully the guards.

The guards quickly helped Hua Yu Chen up.  With Hua Yu Chen leading the way, they went past several yards.

On the way over, Hua Yu Chen made his decision.  As long as they sluts arrived at Mu Ju, he would take the chance to leave and report to the general’s manor.  He couldn’t beat her, so he would let General Ji send several experts with an army to surround this place. He didn’t believe that these sluts would be able to escape.

They followed Hua Yu Chen to Mu Ju’s sleeping quarters.

As soon as they arrived outside, they heard “un, un, ah, ah” sounds coming from within the room.

The faces of the guards didn’t change as if they already expected this matter.

Ye Yu Xi, Nangong Ying Xue, and Mu Xue Qing’s face gradually turned cold.

For this kind of sound to be coming from a room at night, as long as the person present wasn’t an idiot, they could tell what was happening inside the room.

Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy snuck out of her body and covered the room, sensing the situation inside.

Mu Ju was still strong even though he was around fifty-sixty years old, pressing down on a little concubine.  That little concubine wasn’t old, being at most around twenty years old. She was facing up and her legs were spread around Mu Ju’s waist.

“This, this.”  Hua Yu Chen turned to looked at Ye Yu Xi’s group of three, for a while not knowing what to do.  Knocking on the door or going in now was very embarrassing.

Ye Yu Xi’s face was like ice, “Move.”

Guang dang!

Ye Yu Xi quickly kicked out, landing a kick on the wooden door, sending the door flying.  Following that, there was a girl’s sharp cry that came from the room.

“Sir Mu, come out.”  Although Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice wasn’t loud, with her spiritual energy, it overpowered the girl’s sharp screaming.

The sharp screaming came to an end like someone covering their mouth.  Then there was the sound of someone quickly putting on their clothes.

Ye Yu Xi’s group waited outside and after a while, Mu Ju frail figure appeared from the room.

“Who are you people!”  Mu Ju looked at Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue with a sinister look.

“Sir Mu, I have something to discuss with you.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Mu Ju with his messy clothes and a deep disgust filled his heart.  In the eyes of this pig Mu Ju, there was no emotions at all, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to marry his daughter to the Ji Family’s Ji Wu Liang.

Mu Ju had been a minister for a long time, so his observation skills far surpassed that of normal people’s.  Taking a few look, he could see most of the situation in front of him.

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