Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Want to see the lord?  Pass through me first

“Humph, if you and Ying Xue didn’t come today, I would have ran tomorrow morning.  The guards outside can’t beat me anyway.” Mu Xue Qing said in an angry voice. From the tone of her voice, it seemed like an incredibly easy thing for her to escape.

“Un?  Could it be that there are still experts in the manor?”  Ye Yu Xi asked in a soft voice.

“They can’t be considered experts.  It’s great that big sister Yu Xi is here now.  When that bastard Ji Wu Liang heard that I was back, he begged General Ji to send an expert called Hua Yu Chen to our manor, saying that it was to protect me.  He has been waiting in the manor for the past few days, saying that people might come cause trouble here.”

When Mu Xue Qing thought of Ji Wu Liang, that little man who acted big, her heart was filled with disgust.

“Who is it!  Daring to cause trouble in the Mu Manor!”

While Ye Yu Xi’s group was talking, there was a voice that sounded from outside.

Hearing the voice coming from outside, Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile as she said to her two sisters, “It seems like we have been noticed.  Come, let’s go and see your good father in name.”

Father in name, Ye Yu Xi could only describe it like this.  Strictly speaking, other than the body that wasn’t hers, the thoughts and soul were different from the Mu Xue Qing from before.  Only Mu Xue Qing had plans for her previous relations, so she didn’t want to break off from the Mu Manor for now.

Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing nodded, knowing that it was time to take care of this.  After this matter was taken care of, Ye Yu Xi still had many other things to do.

The three of them walked of the house.

There was Hua Yu Chen shouting outside in the yard, coldly looking at the people in front of him.  Other than young miss Mu Xue Qing, he didn’t recognize the other two, but it was clear they weren’t from the Mu Manor.

“Big sister Yu Xi, that is Hua Yu Chen.  He is in the sixth spiritual level, so be careful.”  Mu Xue Qing whispered in Ye Yu Xi’s ear.

“Where’s Mu Ju?  Bring me to see him.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the middle aged man not far away with cold eyes.  There were no fluctuations in her voice.

When Hua Yu Chen heard the tone of Ye Yu Xi’s voice, he gave a cold snort, “Just based on you?  What cats and dogs have come out to mislead young miss Mu? Let me tell you, young miss Mu is already promised to our General Ji’s son, Ji Wu Liang.  Leave right now and I won’t chase this, otherwise!”

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes and said in a cold voice, “Otherwise what?”

“Otherwise don’t blame this old man for being heartless.  I’ll take you over to the army camp to be used!” Hua Yu Chen acted like he was superior.  He thought that these girls’ cultivation wasn’t high, they would just leave after being scared.

“He, he.”  Ye Yu Xi gave a few soft laughs as she watched the arrogant Hua Yu Chen.  She then replied, “I don’t like repeating my words. Where is Mu Ju, bring me to see him.”

“Just based on you?”  Hua Yu Chen loudly shouted out as he tried looking aggressive again, “You want to see lord Mu, you have to pass through me first!”


Hua Yu Chen’s voice fell and Ye Yu Xi had already approached.  With Ye Yu Xi’s strength, how could she give Hua Yu Chen time to fight back?

Appearing in front of him, there was a sly smile on her face, but her eyes were cold.  A palm landed on Hua Yu Chen’s shoulder and with a step from Ye Yu Xi, Hua Yu Chen flew through the air.


Although Hua Yu Chen had acted aggressive, that was purely to threaten this group of people.  Hua Yu Chen never expected the other side to really make a move and that they would move this quickly.

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