Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Xichen Yu Luo

He kept shaking.  Although Xichen Yu Luo really wanted to fight with Ye Yu Xi.

However his body didn’t allow it.  He fell to on knee and was panting.  Xichen Yu Luo’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

He had…..actually lost!

He had lost at the hand of such a young girl.

Xichen Luo Yu felt that even if he used his best sword art, he wouldn’t last more than three moves under the opponent’s hands!

Just who was this girl……

Zhi ya!

There was suddenly a stone door that opened in the blue stone wall, “You have passed, the market is just through here.”  An old voice rang out.

Behind the stone door, there was a token.

Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue took the token and passed through the stone door to enter the underground market.

“Big sister Yu Xi, do you know who that person was?”  Nangong Ying Xue smiled as she looked at Ye Yu Xi who had just shown off.

“Who is he?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Ying Xue.  To enter Ying Xue’s eyes, that person definitely wasn’t normal!

“One of the Ice Mist Country’s Ten Geniuses!”  Nangong Ying Xue revealed a look of praise.

Ten Geniuses?

Ye Yu Xi was surprised before she revealed a playful smile, “His strength was enough to make him one of the Ten Geniuses?  No wonder he wanted me to give up in the beginning.”

“Big sister Yu Xi is not in the Ten Geniuses, so he didn’t recognize big sister Yu Xi and only considered big sister Yu Xi a youth with decent talent.  However, Xichen Luo Yu’s character isn’t bad, he isn’t as wild as that number one genius, Jia Qiong.”

Jia Qiong……

A cold look flashed in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  That name was very familiar!

Thinking of the fight just now, Ye Yu Xi agreed to Ying Xue’s words.  Xichen Luo Yu had thrown his sword away, so his character wasn’t bad.

Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue continued into the underground market.  Xichen Luo Yu stayed in the stone room for a while before the numb feeling in half his body gradually faded.

Barely being able to stand up, Xichen Luo Yu had a look of disbelief in his eyes!

He was known as one of the Ice Mist Country’s Ten Geniuses, but he had actually lost today and it was at the hand of an unknown girl.  Could it be that this girl wasn’t from the Ice Mist Country?

Xichen Luo Yu’s heart was filled with doubt as he walked out of the stone room step by step.  He had already lost and there was no meaning staying here any longer.

When Xichen Luo Yu came out of the stone room, the old man outside the door had a slightly shocked look in his eyes.

The one who came out was actually Xichen Luo Yu!

This old man knew Xichen Luo Yu’s strength.  He had a cultivation in the peak fifth spiritual level and could even fight against those in the sixth spiritual level, but he actually lost…..

The old man’s eyes suddenly moved to the Spirit Testing Stone on the table!  He remembered that dazzling light……

Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue looked at the crowd in front of them and it was hard to imagine that these people were selling black goods that couldn’t see the light of day!

Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue walked into the market and they were surrounded on both sides by stalls.

Some of them were broken tables with items on them and some even directly threw the items onto the ground.  There was a scattering of all kinds of strange things waiting to be sold.

Nangong Ying Xue looked over the endless market.  Properly speaking, it was over ten thousand square meters wide!  This place gathered over half of the illegal goods in the Ice Mist Country!

Anyone with a bit of status or a bit of influence knew that the underground market was filled with good things.  After years of accumulation, the underground market became bigger and bigger.

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