Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Trouble?

The ice cold wind violently blew and there were some snowflakes in the wind.

Bai Jin Yi looked up at the tall building in front of him.  In this kind of cold place with this kind of wind, one could actually see this kind of sight!

Not far away from Bai Jin Yi, there was a tall foreboding building.  At the top of the highest part, there was a giant flame burning there.

“Who is it?”  The two people guarding at the door of this cold place were wearing simple coats, as if they didn’t fear the cold wind at all.  They looked over Bai Jin Yi’s group and revealed looks of arrogance.

There were plenty of people that came here each year, but…..Most of them couldn’t even enter the castle and froze to death or starved to death outside the walls.

“Medicine King Valley’s Bai Jin Yi is here seeking a meeting, I hope you can report that in.”  Although they were only two guards, Bai Jin Yi’s tone was very respectful. There wasn’t the slightest bit of disrespect in his voice.

Bai Jin Yi said this while taking out a token.

The two guards looked over the token and the arrogance in their face disappeared as their tone became respectful.

“We didn’t know it was an honoured guest, we have been disrespectful.  We ask for the young valley master’s forgiveness.” One of them said this before turning around to report in.

Shadow stood at the side watching that person leave and he was secretly shocked.  No wonder the young master was this cautious, saying that he had to personally come.

This place…..What kind of power was it!?

Just two guards were actually in the ninth spiritual level…..This kind of power, if it was placed in the Central Plains, it could dominate an area and allow one to freely move around!

But in this place, they were only suited to being guards!

What kind of cultivation did the person inside castle have?  Shadow felt a chill run down his spine.

The first guard came back after a while and there was a girl following him.

This girl had a set of white clothes and a white cloak that made her seem like an immortal.

“We didn’t know the young valley lord was here, we ask for forgiveness.”  The girl gave a slight bow.

“Miss is too polite.  My little sister has been affected by the Ghost Asura Sect’s poison and I was hoping to ask for help.”  Bai Jin Yi gave a bow with cupped hands.

“Please come in young valley lord.”

With the girl leading the way, Bai Jin Yi’s group entered the castle.


When Ye Yu Xi woke up, the sun was shining bright in the sky.

Ye Yu Xi who had been an assassin rarely slept too deeply, but she found that after she kept the Qilin Horn by her side, she has slept very well!

This kind of sleep was not just deep sleep, but Ye Yu Xi could feel everything inside and outside the room.  She even felt that her body’s reactions were much sharper than before.

Looking over the Qilin Horn in her hand one more time, Ye Yu Xi put it back into the Space Ring.

She went out to find Ying Xue and the two of them went to the underground market.

“Ying Xue, have you go to the underground market before?”

Ye Yu Xi was walking on the street and seeing that there weren’t too many people around, she asked Ying Xue about some basic information in a low voice.

Nangong Ying Xue shook her head, “Although I’ve never gone in that place, I’ve sent people to investigate it.  That place……Un, it’s a bit strange. If we want to go in, it’ll take a bit of trouble.”


Ye Yu Xi was surprised.  Entering the underground market required trouble?

Could it be that the underground market also took an entry fee?

Nangong Ying Xue perfectly piqued Ye Yu Xi’s curiosity, but didn’t explain to Ye Yu Xi what it exactly meant.  She kept saying that this bit of trouble wasn’t anything for big sister Yu Xi and she would know once they got there.

The more Nangong Ying Xue was like this, the more curious Ye Yu Xi was.

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